A question about Kitty Pryde's powers

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Hi I'm just wondering about the powers of the great Kitty Pryde. The scientific explanation is that she increases the space between her atoms so that she can pass through solid objects. So technically if she was increasing the space between her atoms shouldn't she physically be getting bigger. I know that her mass won't increase so lets say if she's 120 pounds at 5'4 even if she grew to like 6'6 she would still weigh 120 pounds. If she can do this I know she wouldn't be able to be as big as Hank Pym or Elasti-Girl (Doom Patrol). But I think it would be more realistic.

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Comic book science. Don't think about it too hard.

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That said, in the ultimate reality she had the ability to become Denser too.

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It would be cool for her to be on a basketball team when if she could make herself freakishly tall.

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She was created a long time ago and I feel safe in saying no one really cared about fact checking her powers against existing science at that point. Using the knowledge of today you might be able to throw together a half decent solution, but I have never really put much thought to it

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Perhaps the way she increases the space between her atoms isn't by moving her atoms' centres further apart, but rather, condensing their electron shells closer to the protons, basically making the atoms smaller?

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