Kitty Kumbata

    Character » Kitty Kumbata appears in 15 issues.

    A talented but mentally unstable martial artist. She has been a member of the League of Assassins and Lady Shiva's Circle of Six.

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    This young woman grew up in Nacogdoches. While their she was a gifted fighter who went on to train under Richard Dragon in the art of Muay Thai Boxing. Sometime later her sanity went, whether in combat, by killing an opponent it was never specified but her sanity is always questioned.

    She was eventually drafted into the Circle of Six by Lady Shiva and came into conflict with Bronze Tiger , Richard Dragon and Nightwing. Years later Shiva would draft her into the her League Of Assassins where she clashed with Cassandra Cain.

    Of Shiva's Circle of Six she and Iron Aron Abromowitz are the only members left alive.

    Physical characteristics

    Height: 5'7

    Weight: 160 pounds

    Eye color: Black

    Hair color: Black

    Skills and Abilities

    Kitty Kumbata is a world class Muay-Thai/Boxing fighter trained by Richard Dragon and honored by Lady Shiva herself.


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