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    An enemy of Batman, Charlie Brown becomes Kite-Man when the Riddler murders his son. Now Brown uses specialised kites to commit his crimes and is often considered a joke by both heroes and fellow super-villains.

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    The man who would become Kite-Man began his life as young boy who was fascinated by kites, so much that they influenced his future alter ego. He originally came into conflict with Batman and Robin, as he was helping criminals escape prison, with the use of his jet powered hang glider, before being defeated by Batman who utilized his own kites to defeat his foe. Following this defeat he battled Batman once again when he attempted to betray the thugs he had hired, only once again to be defeated by Batman and his kite.

    Following his battles with Batman and Robin, Kite-Man attempts to steal the Golden Eagle, a invaluable treasure, only to be confronted by Hawkman, Hawkgirl. and Zatanna, before he was defeated by crash landing into a nearby tree. Following this Kite-Man wasn't seen until he showed up in the villain friendly country of Zandia, even becoming a part of a sports team, and ultimately battling the superhero forces that attempted to invade the country.

    During the Infinite Crisis, Kite-Man was thrown off of Wayne Tower by Deathstroke without his kite glider following his refusal to join the Secret Society. But miraculously Kite-Man survived the fall, being captured alongside Sewer King. The Squid and Mirage by InterGang, who were trying to take over Gotham's crime organizations. Kite-Man ultimately declines Bruno Mannheim's offer, and is quickly killed, then eaten by him.

    Batman: Rebirth

    Kite-Man made brief appearances in issues 6, 9, 14, and 23 of Batman: Rebirth. He wasn't discovered much and all of his appearances ended in him being beaten to a pulp. In fact, almost every appearance made by Kite-Man prior to issue #27 of Batman: Rebirth was him being beaten to a pulp and being used as comic relief. However, Tom King did a great a job of exploring him as a character and giving meaning to his phrase, "Hell Yeah." In issue 27 he is in the middle of a current war between Riddler and Joker, being knocked around on both sides. Riddler learns that he talked with Joker and countered by poisoning his only son. Prior to this, Kite-Man had a talk with his son, in witch his son said "Hell yeah," possibly why he uses it as a catchphrase. The issue ends with him going to Joker and joining his side of the war.

    In issue 30 of Batman: Rebirth he goes on patrol with a number of Jokers allies, but every time his partner is taken by Batman and Riddler, until eventually, he is the only pawn in Jokers war. We learn this when Joker gives a long heart-felt speech to his remaining soldiers, and Kite-Man is the only one in the audience. Within the issue Kite-Man is having a flashback conversation with his son, where he says he is a joke. In the end of the issue, we learn Riddler saves Kite-Man for last because they knew he would be the only person on Jokers team to squeal about where Joker would run off to once he lost. Possibly the best part of this issue is when Kite-Man gives this quote: "All of us. We're all jokes. But the thing is, right, you got to laugh, too. It's the only way. I mean, you got to laugh with them. Okay, I'm a joke. I'm a joke and I'm funny! Then you're laughing with them. And if you're laughing with them. Then at least you're laughing."

    Powers and Abilities

    Kite-Man had no powers, but possessed a variety of kite based weapons, including a giant jet powered hang glider, which he used during his escapes. Along with kites they possessed flash bulbs and nets for battling his foes.

    In Other Media

    Kite Man is a reoccurring character in the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold,

    voiced by Jeffery Combs.

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    In the episode "Terror on Dinosaur Island!", Plastic Man (aka "Eel" O'Brian) flashes back to his days as a criminal, working as one of Kite Man's henchmen. During the robbery of a chemical plant, Eel trips a silent alarm while picking up a dime, causing Batman to arrive and break up the robbery. Batman accidentally knocks Eel into a chemical vat, and then rescues him, the chemicals giving him elastic powers. Eel later testifies against Kite Man in court in exchange for leniency.

    In a later episode, "Dawn of the Deadman!", Batman's spirit, possessing Speedy's body, asks for Green Arrow's help after being buried alive. Green Arrow says "Don't tell me it was Kite Man" before Batman says it was Gentleman Ghost.

    In Season 2, Kite Man appears again as the main villain of the episode "Long Arm of the Law!" He sends his henchman Rubberneck to steal the Mona Lisa from a museum, but Rubberneck ends up fighting Batman and Plastic Man. At the climax of the fight, Plas inflates his body with water from a broken hydrant before Batman kicks Rubberneck onto him, causing Plas to explode and launch the villain far away. While Plas reassembled, Kite Man stole a piece of Plastic Man in order to test a laser he designed to turn the pliable prankster to stone. Kite Man soon sent Rubberneck to steal a power module to amplify the laser's power. Batman and Plas fought Rubberneck again, but he got away, and Kite Man reveals that he kidnapped Plas' wife Ramona, their infant son, and their dog. Batman, Plastic Man, and Plas' friend Woozy Winks track down the villains to the Museum, founded by Benjamin Franklin. Kite Man reveals to the heroes that as a kid, he tried to copy Ben Franklin's "key-tied-to-a-kite-in-a-lightning-storm" experiment. He was electrocuted, and the trauma sent him down a path of kite-centric crime. The heroes battled and defeated Kite Man and Rubberneck, turned them both to stone with their own laser, and Plas saved his family from a giant kite flown in the middle of another lightning storm.


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