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Its origin is shouded in mystery or is that a wash cloth?


Although it is rumored it was created by hand by James Silvani, Its true makers have been lost in time.

Character Evolution

When it was born, it was just an ordinary piece of metal, but with the help of it mysterious maker, it was molded into to something unique.
Unlike other sinks, it has a hat and it is made of pure awsomeness. Soon, when there is trouble in St. Kichen-ard, you call the sink of danger!
Because it is terror that flows in the night. It is the fawcett which never gets clogged...It is Kitchen Sink Darkwing!

Major Arcs

Crisis on Infinite Darkwings
The Kichen Sink Darkwing was among other Darkwings of the multiverse who were captured by Magica De Spell and Negaduck and released upon the city of St. Canard.
Most likely, it was returned to its reality to fight the crimes of dirty sponges, but one can never know about the Kitchen Sink Darkwing!

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