Kitana Fatality Ideas

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  1. Kiss of Doom- Kitana walks up to the victim and begins to kiss them. She then stabs them in the stomach with one of her fans, then opens the 2nd & swipes it through their face. She removes the fan stabbed in the stomach, and the victims face slides off.
  2. Winds of Chaos- Kitana levitates her victim in the air. She then tosses both her fans at them, twirling around and slicing the victim. As the levitation wears off, the victim begins to fall in pieces.
  3. No Escape- Kitana does her Pixie dust teleport behind the victim tossing her one fan at their back. She then immediately teleports back in front of them throwing her other fan. The 1st fan sticks into their back knocking them forward into the 2nd one that slices through their head vertically.

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