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    Kit Walker is the son of the 21st Phantom and Diana Palmer.

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    The 21st Phantom and wife Diana Palmer had two children: Kit Walker and Heloise Walker. As the tradition goes, the boy will continue to take up the mantle of The Phantom as per the oath taken by several generations in the lineage. Kit Walker had been trained by his father when he was young with several skills that may help him later in his life when he becomes the new Phantom.


    Kit and Heloise walker, the children of The 21st Phantom was created by the original creator, Lee Falk in the early stories where, as children, the grow up in the jungle with their father and the pygmy bandar tribe.

    With the introduction of The Last Phantom series by Dynamite, Scott Beatty has considered Kit Walker to be now a grown up person and his father, the 21st Phantom is no longer around and probably long dead. A terror organization kills his wife and son that leads him to avenge them by taking over the mantle as the guardian of the eastern dark. Although he became The Phantom, the reasons to become are somewhat different from his forefathers. Kit now has more than the oath - to avenge the death of his loved ones.

    Character Evolution

    in introspection
    in introspection

    Kitridge Walker, the newest Walker is no longer the phantom and is leading a comfortable life overseeing the philanthropic Walkabout Foundation. However, with the death of wife Radhi and Mosi, Kit has taken up the mantle of The Phantom to fight crime and injustice once again! The 22nd Phantom is probably the last one in the lineage.

    Currently he wears a new purple suit and has an additional ability that no other Phantoms till date possessed - invisibility! With the click of the skull mark on his belt he can turn himself invisible and back again with another click. This is one amazing feature he obtained when he disrupted a terror organization Krieghund that tried to initially kill him and his family to take over Walkabout Foundation for malicious intentions.

    The organization had created several soldiers with this technology. All of these eventually will be killed by Kit and then the technology destroyed by explosion of the entire plant that was producing it. Possible making the suit that Kit has being the only remaining one with that technology.

    Current Events

    • In The Last Phantom series, the son of 21st Phantom, Kit Walker has broken the chain and has not taken up the mantle as the masked crime fighter and is now handling the day-to-day affairs of the Walkabout Foundation, an organization created by one of the previous Walkers to help support charities in Bengala.
    • Following the death of wife Radhi and son Mosi, Kit finally takes up the mantle of his forefathers. Guran, Devil and Hero are there to support kit in his path of fight against crime and injustice, again.

    • After a near death experience in the plane explosion and crash, Kit discovers that his wife Radhi and son Mosi are killed by the army of soldiers equipped with advanced gadgets manufactured by the terrorist organization by name Krieghund.

    • Kit finds the villain and avenges his family’s death. But the Walkabout Foundation is destroyed. With the foundation and his family gone, Kit is now truly just a Ghost Who Walks and The Last Phantom.
    • The new Phantom now wears a purple suit, has a modern pair of guns and a special feature that none of the earlier Phantoms had - Invisibility. He has this special suit with which he can turn invisible on click of his belt buckle.

    Major Story Arcs


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