Kit Ryan

    Character » Kit Ryan appears in 47 issues.

    Kit Ryan is one of Constantine's ex-girlfriends.

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    Kit was born the second of five children in 1962 to Paul and Concepta, she witnessed violence both at home by her drunk father and in Belfast's streets. Kit quickly matured independently studying art in Belfast but dropped in 1979 to live in Killney with Brendan Finn and she met John through him a year later. In 1987 Kit left Finn for his alcohol problem. Met John again in North London were she was an illustrator, the two became lover and even asked him to move at her place at the cost of his magic. They broke up in 1993 when far right extremists attacked her to warn John, she was heart broken after discovering he was still using his magic and returned to Belfast.

    Kit Ryan is still considered John Constantine's first true love. She was introduced during Garth Ennis' run as a counter balance to the occult life John Constantine has. Kit had the ability to make John want a normal life. John was really considering giving up the Occult and the

    Magick. Before John could hang his dark magical ways for good, Kit would be scared off add literary leave John a "Dear John letter" as their break-up. Both Kit and John would not talk for years, until issue #274, where she would get an invitation to John's Wedding.

    She recently got an invitation (from Terry Greaves) to John Constantine's wedding with Epiphany Greaves. When she saw the letter she began to cry. She visits John before his wedding, where she asks "why Epiphany?". He tells Kit that, even though he does love Kit, it's different with Epiphany, and he loves Epiphany more. At their wedding (which Kit attends) she tells Epiphany this.


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