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Appearance & Personality

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Birthdate: 31 December

Hair: White

Eyes: Varied (normally grey/blue)

Height: 6'0" (183cm)

Weight: 152lbs

Normally referred to as an old man, Kisuke often wears a baggy black jacket with white diamond patterns at the bottom, green shirt and a baggy pair of pants. His most notable accessories are his traditional wooden sandals, stripped fisherman's hat and cane. It is apparent that he has not use of the cane as an aide to walk, but we soon find out it is in fact his zanpakuto disguised as a walking cane.

Kisuke has a rather carefree attitude and behavior, but behind most people's backs he is a schemer. Despite this, Kisuke normally talks to others in a pleasant manner. however this mannerism can sometimes be used to as way to mock an enemy. He tends to be very light hearted about situations but always know when to turn from free spirited to serious.

As an owner of his own store, Kisuke is never short of supplies. The shop however is used as a front for his real operations where he can gather and sell Soul Reaper technology. Underground his store, he has a concealed training center. It would prove handy in helping Ichigo regain his Shinigami powers after his first encounter with Byakua Kuchiki. The underground training center has proved useful for Ichigo's other friends and allies including Chad, Ishida and Renji.

Kisuke has a wealth of knowledge of both the world of the living and spirit realms. Despite this he tends to hide a lot of what he knows from the people he tends to work with, making it hard to truly trust him. Normally found working behind the scenes, he can be considered as an exceptional tactician handing out tasks to ensure main goals are met.


Kisuke was originally a Soul Reapers captain, but ended up being exiled from the Soul Society after some of his inventions didn't go over too well with the other Soul Reapers.

Kisuke created a gigai, artificial body that most Soul Reapers use when they are injured and have to hide from Hollows, that slowly drains the Soul Reaper's spirit powers until they become a normal human.

Inside the gigai is the Orb of Destruction that Urahara was exiled for making.

When Urahara fled the Soul Society he was accompanied by Yoruichi Shihouin, who hides her true appearance by turning into a cat.

After leaving the Soul Society Kisuke came to the human world and began to make Soul Reaper technology that other Soul Reapers could use if they were in need of assistance, but couldn't get back to the Soul Society.

Kisuke actually recreates the gigai that he was expelled for creating and gives it to Rukia Kuchiki.

During the Battle of the Rubicon story arc, Kisuke actually gathers together his shop assists, Tessai Tsukabishi, Ururu Tsumugiya, and Jinta Hankari, and heads out to the city to help kill Hollows.

Kisuke actually intervenes only to help Ichigo and Uryu focus on fighting together again the Menos Grande that appears.

Kisuke even stops Rukia from interfering in the battle so that she can see just how much power Ichigo has.

Shortly after that Kisuke lets Ichigo go into battle with Renji Abarai and Byakuya, but stays out of the fight so that Ichigo can learn exactly how much he still needs to learn about a true Soul Reaper's strength.

He doesn't allow Ichigo to die from his wounds though.

Kisuke take Ichigo back to his shop and nurses him back to health, and even convinces Ichigo to train under him to save Rukia.

After making medicine to help heal the wounds that Byiakuya used to shatter Ichigo's power sources Kisuke creates the underground training center in the human world.

Once Ichigo begins his training Kisuke uses exercise that he made to help Ichigo gain even more power than he had before.

First Kisuke forces Ichigo's soul out of his body and pits him in an exercise where Ichigo must land one hit on Ururu, a small quite girl.

After Ichigo begins the exercise and somehow manages to land one punch on Ururu Kisuke reveals that he can fight at a Soul Reaper's level.

For the second exercise Kisuke has Tessai cut Ichigo's Chain of Fate, bind his arms, and drop him in a pit.

Kisuke explains that Ichigo must find a way out of the pit with out his arms to gain back his Soul Reaper's powers, he also explains that if Ichigo fails he will become a Hollow.

After almost three days Ichigo's Chain of Fate disappears, but he manages to make it of the hole and begins Kisuke's next exercise.

The third Exercise requires Ichigo to draw his Zanpakuto and knock Kisuke's hat off his head.

After chasing revealing that his cane is infact Benihime, his own Zanpakuto, Kisuke chases and attacks Ichigo until Ichigo makes a connection with his sword and draws his true Zanpakuto, Zangetsu.

Kisuke laments the lose of his hat after the exercise, but moves on with his plan to invade the Soul Society to free Rukia.

Later it is revealed that before entering the Soul Society Kisuke sparred with Ichigo for ten days and nights, forcing him to gain battle experience.

After he is finished training Ichigo Kisuke makes the portal needed for the others to enter the Soul Society.

Kisuke doesn't join the team because his Soul is refused access to the Soul Society.

Agent of the Shinigami Arc

After Rukia Kuchiki transfers her Shinigami powers to Ichigo. Urahara later then gives Rukia a gigai, which later is revealed to be a special gigai that would slowly drain her Reiatsu (spiritual pressure) and turn her into a human. Though this never happens, but it came pretty close. Rukia later buys an artificial soul to take Ichigo's place when he turns into a Shinigami, to make his life easier for the time being.

Later in the series Rukia goes to Urahara for information about the Quincy race. He reveals how the Quincy were hunted to almost extinction due to fear from the Shinigami.

History In The Dark

During the The Pendulum Turns Back Time storyline a large portion of Kisuke's history is revealed. As it turns out Kisuke was once a third seat within Yoruichi's Special Forces and was set over the Third Division as the head of the Detention Unit. As Kisuke explains it he was in charge of keeping the dangerous elements of the Soul Society away from the rest of the people. Kisuke moves on though and becomes a captain himself when he takes over the twelfth division after the previous captain ascends the ranks to become a Royal Guard. After taking over the Twelfth Division Kisuke is appointed his new team including the hot headed Hiyori. Kisuke receives a hostile greeting to his new position as Hiyori refuses to accept him as the new captain of the twelfth division.

In an attempt to get Hiyori to understand him better Kisuke takes her with him to his old assignment the maggot's nest, a prison for only the most troublesome and possibly powerful enemies of the Soul Society. Once inside Kisuke begins to explain to Hiyori that no one ever truly leaves the Soul Reaper army, but rather the ones who are deemed unsuitable to continue on there are removed and locked up so that they can't use their powers to attack the Soul Society. Kisuke also reveals that he is powerful enough without his zanpakuto to stop any convict in the Nest with only his hands. Finally Kisuke explains the whole reason for the visit is to recruit a new seated officer for his research division, Kurotsuchi Mayuri. With his new officer at his side Kisuke begins to prepare his division for his vision to be able to efficiently collect data and use it in a way that they best aid the rest of the Soul Reapers. Unfortunately time is against Kisuke as a new threat looms on the horizon. After several reports of souls disappearing outside of the Soul Society a team is gathered and sent out to investigate the phenom. After a report is sent back to report that Soul Reapers have also been abducted the Captains gather and send out an investigating team to see what info can be gathered and used. Despite Kisuke's pleas to be sent to protect Hiyori since he had sent her to gather info for him his request is denied. Shinji Hirako offers to make sure she is safely returned with himself and the other officers that are being sent out. Luck continues to work against Kisuke though as the rescue team is quickly faced by the threat of a Captain Soul Reaper that is now infected with a disease that makes him behave and appear much like a Hollow. As member after member is infected by the disease Shinji is left alone to find that Aizen is responsible for the outbreak. Before Aizen, Tosen, and Ichimaru can kill off the officers though Kisuke, using a coat he developed to hide his reiatsu, and Tsukabishi arrive to do what they can to stop or at least stall the death blows from happening. Before Kisuke can stop Aizen though Tessai Tsukabishi steps in and attacks using an 88th level destruction spell. Aizen uses a spell of his own to block the attack and escape, leaving Kisuke and Tessai with the now Hollowfied officers.

Things go from bad to worse though as Kisuke's first attempt to save the others fails, and he is greeted by a squad of Soul Reapers sent to arrest him and Tessai for their "crimes". At the trial Kisuke is accused of all Aizen's crimes, including the experimentation of Hollowfication. As the inquisition is about to reach it's verdict though a masked women, Youroichi, arrives and helps Kisuke and Tessai to escape. Now hiding in the underground chamber that Ichigo would later train in Kisuke begins to lay plans to help all the injured and now rogue officers escape from the Soul Society to Earth to lead them to the fate they now face.

Powers & Abilities

12th Division Captain
12th Division Captain

Kisuke was briefly the captain of the 12th Division within the Gotei 13. This is a testament to his skills, intelligence, leadership potential, and powers.

His powers and abilities include:

  • Master swordsmanship: Despite his appearance and laid-back personality, Kisuke is an extremely skilled swordsman who utilizes power attacks and cunning during battle.
  • Immense Spiritual Power: His spiritual pressure is great enough to create shockwaves that can affect a considerable radius.
  • Shunpo Master: Skilled enough to keep up with Yoruichi, who is generally regarded as the most skilled in Shunpo in Bleach.
  • Kido Master: Being the former head of the Shinigami Research Institute, Urahara has considerable knowledge of Kidō. He is able to use Bakuda spells up to level 79 without incantation. Hado spells up to 91, and able to create his own kido. Powerful enough to seal an immortal being.
  • Hakuda Master: Due to his time spent as Corps Commander of the Detention Unit of the Onmitsukidō, he has become very proficient in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Enhanced Speed.
  • Enhanced Strength.
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Master Strategist and Tactician: Urahara is shown to be a very perceptive and analytical man. He has an has an undeniable talent for thinking things well in advance as well, make decisive and accurate decisions quickly in battle, and able to perceive any situation at hand.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: He possesses genius intellect and is a master scientist and inventor. Acknowledged as the smartest character in Bleach by Souske Aizen.
  • Master Assasin: As a former high-ranking member of the Onmitsukidō, Kisuke has high mastery in the art of stealth combat.


In it's unreleased form, Kisuke's zanpakuto is a concealed sword within a walking cane, otherwise known as a shikomizue ("prepared cane"). It has been modified to include a symbol at the base of the cane that allows him to force a Shinigami's soul form from it's earthly body or gigai.

Benihime ("Crimson Princess")


Kisuke's zanpakuto is named Benihime and is is concealed inside of his cane when he is just out and about. When he reveals Benihime he usually releases her to her second form, a flat bladed sword with a flat point, a hilt that is short and close to the blade, and a short rope tied to the end. When revealed Kisuke can use several attacks that give his zanpakuto some reach beyond it'sd physical ability. Some is done when he urges Benihime to "scream". During these attacks Benihime release a wall of blood red energy that can be shot at an opponent to do damage, or form a shield between Kisuke and his attacker.


Shikai form
Shikai form

Released when Kisuke utters the words"OKIRO" ('Awaken Now').

In this form, Kisuke's zanpakuto's blade becomes wider with a curved hilt. It's two known special abilities.

The first is that it can create a shield that protects those behind it from damage.

Secondly. it is capable of firing a crimson coloured energy blast that is very similar to a cero in terms of power. His Third technique is when he shoots bullet like beams of crimson energy from the shield that he forms.

He also has another move where he binds targets with some kind of energy, then he can blow them up by lighting the energy.


Kisuke is a Captain class Shinigami and it is confirmed he has the ability of using a Bankai. Learnt by using his own three day method. His Bankai is unknown, but it has been vaguely referenced throughout the Manga and anime. When Chad asked Urahara to train him he told Renji to trains him by saying his bankai is not for training people.


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