Character » Kismet appears in 38 issues.

    She is an immortal god in the DC universe. She guided the Man of Steel in his path of righteousness. She has had limited appearances since then.

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    One of Kismet's most recent appearances was in The JLA/Avengers crossover. While Krona tried to gain supreme power, he trapped the most powerful beings of both universes: Eternity from the Marvel Universe and Kismet from the DC universe. They both formed a relationship while together, but were forced back to their respective universes when they were freed, much to their dismay.

    Kismet did not survive the ending of the 9th Age of Magic.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Dominus Effect

    Kismet appears in front of Superman as a girl and helps him to escape from the power of Dominus. Kismet and Superman run away to talk about the problem when suddenly Dominus appears and attacks to Kismet, she almost die, but as a sphere of power she could escape and hide in the home of Jerome Odetts, in the middle of the Hypersector. In this place she is recovering from her last battle against Dominus.

    Power and Abilities

    Kismet is a cosmic entity that possessed vast cosmic power for her to use in virtually any situations. She is nigh-omnipotent and can manipulate time, space and reality to achieve virtually any feat imaginable. She is also immortal meaning she doesn't suffer from the passages of time.


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