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Devious Grin
Devious Grin

Kisame was from the Hidden Mist Village. He has shark-like teeth similar to the other Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, but also the appearance of a shark as well. He has the greatest amount of chakra of all Akatsuki, 1/3 of his chakra being equivalent to what Neji had seen Naruto use in the Chunin Exams. He is very overconfident in battle and has a dark sense of humor, seen when he proposed to cut off Naruto's legs so he cannot run instead of knocking him unconscious. He works well with his partner Itachi. During battle he can create his own water source and can create the ultimate battle field for himself. Despite his vicious appearance and actions, Kisame acts and speaks in a polite manner.

Story Arcs

Nine Tails Abduction

Kisame attacks Asuma.
Kisame attacks Asuma.

Kisame appears with his partner Itachi Uchiha after the attack on Konoha by the Sand and Sound Village. Kakashi was waiting for Sasuke Uchiha at a Dango house when he happened to see Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi, apparently not on a date. Sasuke finally arrived and noted how odd it was to see Kakashi there before him for once. Two cloaked customers sat drinking tea nearby almost instantly disappear with Sasuke's arrival. Kakashi nodded to Asuma and Kurenai, and they both took it as a sign to chase the mysterious people down, leading them to a bridge. Asuma and Kurenai have the two people reveal themselves, only to see that it was Itachi Uchiha. Kisame introduced himself also, seeing as he thought it would be polite. Asuma and Kurenai decided to take Itachi and Kisame down right then and there, and the battle began. Kisame revealed his large blade and attacked Asuma, overpowering him and shredding his shoulder. Eventually Kakashi came to aid Asuma and Kurenai, but was ultimately defeated by Itachi's Tsukuyomi technique. Kisame and his partner decided to make a run for it after Might Guy showed up to help.

Itachi came to the Leaf Village to capture Naruto, but since he wasn't there and they began searching for him, they eventually found him traveling with Jiraiya. Kisame and Itachi were worried about having to fight Jiraiya so they devised a way to split the two apart, with Itachi using a genjutsu on a beautiful woman to lure Jiraiya away to make it easier to capture Naruto when he returned to his hotel room. Jiraiya however wasn't fooled by their trick and appeared to save Naruto, declaring that he'd kill Itachi and Kisame. Sasuke also arrived though and wanted to fight Itachi himself, and Jiraiya and Kisame stood aside and let the two brothers fight, but Jiraiya saved Sasuke when he lost and forced Kisame and Itachi to flee.

Two Years Later

Kisame vs. Team Guy
Kisame vs. Team Guy

Pein used his Shapeshifter technique to create a perfect copy of Kisame (albeit possessing 30% of Kisame's chakra) to stop Guy's team while they were trying to rescue Gaara. Kisame wanted to toy with Guy, whom couldn't remember him, but Guy's teammates proved to be troublesome and forced Kisame to trap them in Water Prisons while he and Guy fought. The fight was nearly even, and Guy was even capable of robbing Samehada from Kisame's herculean grip twice overall, however the second time he attempted to use the sword himself and it wounded his hands. The threat of his students drowning prompted Guy to release 6 of the 8 gates and quickly dispatch Kisame, who reverted back into the person used for the technique. Kisame was controlling the clone from a distance and was quite amused.

Later, Kisame was sent with Itachi to capture Roshi, the Four Tailed Beast Jinchuuriki. After an off-screen battle, Kisame defeated the jinchuuriki but kept him alive and intact in order to strip the Tailed Beast from him for Akatsuki. Soon after, it started raining, and Kisame traveled with his partner to an Uchiha hideout to await his younger brother Sasuke. Kisame stopped Team Hebi and asked Sasuke to go alone to face Itachi and stayed to make sure the others didn't follow. While waiting, Kisame remembered Suigetsu and the two decided to fight to kill some time. Their fight was interrupted by Zetsu when he came to get Kisame and they brought Team Hebi to meet with Sasuke after the fight. While in a conference room with Akatsuki leader Tobi, Suigetsu was agitated and attacked Kisame, but Tobi stopped him nigh effortlessly. Kisame then helped to extract the Eight Tailed Beast after Team Hebi, now calling themselves Team Taka, captured the Cloud ninja Killer Bee. It's later found out that Sasuke was tricked into carrying back only a tail of the Eight-Tailed beast, and thus Killer Bee escaped. After Tobi revealed his identity, Kisame recognized him as the former Mizukage.

Fight Against Killer Bee

Road Block
Road Block

Tobi, who had revealed himself as Madara Uchiha, sent Kisame to capture Killer Bee after Sasuke and his team failed, and found him being taught to sing enka by Sabu. When Kisame appeared, Sabu's raccoon companion, Ponta, attacked, but was knocked aside easily. Sabu then attacked with his giant ax but Kisame blocked it, however Killer Bee threw one electrified sword and attacked with his other. The thrown one stabbed Kisame in the arm but he managed to block Killer Bee's attack with Samehada, which absorbed the lightning chakra around it and prevented him from being harmed.

While in a contest of strength, Killer Bee used his 4-tailed chakra form and tried to headbutt Kisame, but Samehada absorbed it the Bijuu's chakra shroud and left Bee with less chakra. Samehada grew twice as large and it's revealed to have a mouth with sharp teeth and a tongue. Killer Bee used a 7-tailed Bijuu chakra shroud next and attacked, but Kisame managed to dodge and absorb 6 of the chakra tails at once. Since that didn't work, Hachibi wanted Killer Bee to release him but Killer Bee refused, saying that Sabu and Ponta could end up getting killed and anyone nearby would spot him and tell his brother, the Raikage. So Killer Bee used an 8-tailed Bijuu chakra shroud and attacked Kisame again, but it was too much for Samehada to absorb and Killer Bee tore Kisame's chest open. Before Kisame died, he fused with Samehada, it covered itself around Kisame's body and healed him. Right after Kisame spewed tons of water from his mouth and created a large Water Bubble that trapped Bee, Sabu, and Ponta inside it, as well as fused with Samehada, which turned him even more into a shark with all the chakra Samehada absorbed. With his Great Exploding Water Shockwave and Water Prison Shark Dance techniques, Kisame turned the battlefield into a giant dome of water, taking advantage of his his new form and turning the tide of the battle in his favor. Sabu said that Killer Bee has to get the sword away from him, but Kisame taunted them by saying they can try but won't succeed.

Bee tried to get Sabu and Ponta out of the water before they drowned, but there didn't seem to be any end and Kisame was closing in right behind him. Hachibi told Bee that the dome of water moved with Kisame, so if Bee wanted to save his friends, he had to get Kisame to go in the opposite direction. Bee tried this, but Kisame went to attack Ponta and Sabu, knowing the tactic Bee was using and not falling for it. When Bee tried to stop him, Kisame turned and attacked him instead. Bee used a partial transformation to make the Hachibi's tentacles to come out of his body and wrap around Kisame to pull him away from Sabu and Ponta, but Kisame was draining chakra from Killer Bee while he did this.

Double lariat.
Double lariat.

Killer Bee decided to spit ink to blind Kisame and try to get out of the water before he ran out of breath, Kisame revealed he could detect his chakra and started attacking him. Seeing that Bee was drowning, Kisame ended his jutsu and transformed back and was about to cut off Killer Bee's feet, but was shocked when Samehada attacked him. Samehada chose Bee over Kisame and started giving him chakra. This prompted Kisame to kick Samehada away and just use one of Killer Bee's swords instead to cut off his legs. As he was moving in for the blow, he was stopped by the Raikage and his bodyguards who had managed to see Kisame's giant water jutsu and sensed Killer Bee's chakra. Raikage and Killer Bee then attacked Kisame at the same time, decapitating him and apparently killing him.

Rematch against Guy

It has recently been revealed that the body of Kisame that was decapitated was actually a clone of Zetsu. The real Kisame hid himself within Samehada in order to infiltrate Kumogakure and gain intel on them. He was also at the meeting that Killer Bee attended and is currently on the island still inside Samehada while Killer Bee and Naruto are still training together.

After Naruto was done with his training, he had gained extraordinary abilities, one of these abilities included sensing negative emotions, which allowed him to reveal Kisame's hiding spot and engage him. Kisame, knowing he was outclassed, fled the scene while Naruto was hindered by his rashness. He ran through the waterfall and bumped into Might Guy who confused Kisame for his inner darkness and attacked him. The other ninja present were quick to tell Guy that Kisame was an Akatsuki member, although Guy himself still couldn't remember him. Killer Bee reminded everyone that Kisame has crucial information and can't be allowed to escape.

Attacking Guy with a water shark.
Attacking Guy with a water shark.

During this Samehada abandons Kisame and takes all of his chakra with it and runs to Killer Bee. Kisame took the opportunity to use Samehada to siphon nearly all of Killer Bee's chakra into himself. Aoba tried to paralyze Kisame with a jutsu, but Kisame absorbed it, making the Konoha ninja drop to the ground. During this, Guy tried to kick Kisame but was easily blocked. Kisame used Water Shark Missile to attack and took the opportunity to try to escape with his valuable information. Guy used his Gates technique and Killer Bee threw him towards Kisame, where he arrived in time to see Kisame put a scroll with information inside the mouth of a summoned shark. To cover the summons escape into the ocean, Kisame used Thousand Sharks Eating to create a tidal wave of shark-shaped water to attack Guy with, but Guy used Morning Peacock to destroy them all.

Guy decides to use an incredibly powerful ability called Afternoon Tiger and Kisame decides to counter with Giant Water Shark Missile, his strongest water jutsu. As the two are about to clash, Kisame boasts that his jutsu absorbs the chakra from other jutsu and becomes more powerful, but Guy boasts that his technique isn't ninjutsu and it bursts Kisame's jutsu and leaves Kisame on the ground. Guy eventually gets the scroll and knocks Kisame out.


They decide to have Aoba draw information from Kisame's unconscious mind. During this, he starts to see glimpses of some of the things that happened in his past. He sees Kisame being ordered to protect information that a group of Mist ninjas have and not to let it get into the enemy's hands, which upon Kisame killed them himself so they wouldn't reveal that information. It then shows him killing his master, Fuguki, and taking Samehada from him when he learned that he was selling information to their enemies. He's confronted by Yagura who approved of Kisame's actions, but Kisame was upset. Even killing his own allies when the mission calls for it, he didn't know if that made him a friend or foe and said the world revolves around lies.

Breaking free of his restraints.
Breaking free of his restraints.

He's then surprised by a shadow of a man appearing behind Yagura. This man offered Kisame a place in a group he's forming and Kisame realizes he's the real Fourth Mizukage and has been controlling him the whole time, Madara Uchiha. Madara explains his plan to Kisame and offers him a place in his organization. This is when Kisame forces himself awake and bites off his own tongue so they can't get anymore information from him.

He bursts out of his restraints and creates a Water Prison around himself that prevented attack and then summons sharks within it. He then thinks about the first time that he met Itachi and the conversation they had, and then the sharks eat him alive since Kisame knew that there was no way for him to escape. After his death, Guy decided to see what information Kisame collected on the alliance, but the scroll was booby trapped with a seal that trapped each of the ninjas in a Water Prison. The booby trap also released a shark that they had to fight off and one messenger shark equipped with the scroll. While the group fought the sharks, the messenger shark escaped to the ocean with the scroll, accomplishing Kisame's last mission.


Kisame Hoshikage is also known as the Monster of the Hidden Mist. He is 32 years old, born on March 18. His horoscope is a Pisces, he has dark blue hair, his eyes are white, and he stands at 6'4". His status is a Jonin. He is an S-Class criminal, and a deadly rogue ninja from the Akatsuki. Even though Kisame can be quite violent and sadistic, he claims to be Akatsuki's specialist in capturing people alive.''


--"Water Shark Missile" where he creates a powerful jet of water shaped like a shark.

--"Giant Water Shark Missile" where he creates a massive shark composed out of water to attack the opponent, this also absorbs all ninjutsu it clashes against which makes it more powerful.

--"Water Clone" where he creates a copy of himself out of water.

Kisame fused with Samehada.
Kisame fused with Samehada.

--"Water Prison" where he traps the opponent in a large ball of water.

--"Water Prison Shark Dance" where he traps the opponent in a gigantic dome of water centered around himself.

--"Exploding Water Shockwave" where he spits a massive amount of water that creates crashing tidal waves.

--"Great Exploding Water Shockwave" a larger variant of Exploding Water Shockwave.

--"Five Sharks Eating" where he creates 5 sharks out of water to attack his opponents under water.

--"Hundred Sharks Eating" like Five Sharks Eating but on a mass scale.

--"Underwater Motion" allows him to propel himself through water.

--"Shark Summoning" lets Kisame summon sharks that obey his commands.


The Samehada
The Samehada

Kisame wields the giant sword Samehada (lit. Shark Skin), It is a giant sword covered in bandages. Underneath the bandages Shamehada is covered in spikes. It is unique among swords in the fact that it doesn't cut or slice it's victims, it rather shaves them to death. The sword is apparently sentient as it has a mind of it's own and only lets someone he deems worthy wield it.The sword is capable of absorbing chakra and transferring it to the wielder, thereby rejuvenating their strengths. It has recently been revealed that Shamehada has the ability to merge with the user, producing a shark-human hybrid. In this form Kisame can breathe and move very quickly underwater, it also gives him the ability to sense chakra. Samehada's spikes can also extend from Kisame's fins to attack the opponent. It also seems to change owners depending on how much it likes their chakra which is seen in the battle between Killer bee and Kisame. It liked Killer Bee's chakra more and helped him recover when Kisame was about to win. It has also shown to be able to hold or hide things inside its mouth also seen when Kisame is trying to infiltrate Killer Bee's village. The hilt can stretch and allows the sword to be used like a flail. It also can move on its own if there is nobody to control it.

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