Kirsten McDuffie

    Character » Kirsten McDuffie appears in 90 issues.

    A former Assistant District Attorney of New York City currently working at Nelson and Murdock law firm.

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    Kirsten McDuffie was created by Daredevil writer Mark Waid and penciler Paolo Rivera.

    Major Story Arcs

    Man w/o Fear

    Kirsten is more interested in proving Matt Murdock is Daredevil than climbing the New York political ladder. She first approached Matt on a rooftop, and tried everything to make him slip up and reveal he is Daredevil.

    Her roommate, Dina, is Foggy's girlfriend and she uses this connection to get close to Matt Murdock.

    Lawyers in Love/ Hell Night

    Kirsten and Matt go on a date to the fair, but Kirsten proposes a twist, she wears a blindfold. On the date Matt tells Kirsten how and why he and Foggy became best friends. At the end of the date they are jumped by a member of Black Spectre, who warns Matt that they are coming for him, and Daredevil won't be able to help.

    After the Black Spectre leaves Matt takes Kirsten home and changes into Daredevil. Kirsten is later seen watching while the Black Spectre defeats Matt in Times Square and gets away with the Omega Drive.

    Megacrime and Punishment

    While Matt is in Latveria being held hostage by Doctor Doom, Kirsten calls Foggy to see if he knows why Matt's been acting strange lately. Foggy tries to explain to Kirsten how Matt is full of secrets and it may be better for her to get away now.

    Daredevil Vs Coyote

    Kirsten doesn't listen to Foggy and continues dating Matt. On one of the dates, Matt acts strangely and leaves Kirsten to wonder what's happening. She later gets a call from Foggy to meet him at a bar. There Foggy tells her that Matt is really Daredevil and that he may have lost his mind. Kirsten goes to her superiors but they believe she is telling them this because she is mad at her boyfriend, Matt. Angry Kirsten turns to Spider-Man for help.


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