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    Kirika is the daughter of Wolverine and Mariko Yashida on Earth-295.

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    Kirika's Family
    Kirika's Family

    Kirika was conceived when Mariko and Weapon X fell in love while he spent time in Japan. Her uncle the Silver Samurai was supposed to guard her mom and keep her father away from him but that never quite worked out.

    After her conception and birth she grew up in what remained of clan Yashida. Her mother told her tales of her father and she looked forward to seeing him one day. When Japan was being destroyed by Apocalypse and Holocaust she was captured and locked away by Sinister for reasons unknown.

    Character Creation

    Kirika was created by Akira Yoshida and Chris Bachalo.

    Story Arcs


    Once Apocalypse was defeated, she was found in a tube in one of the labs Sinister was using. The tube was labeled "X-23", and she was freed. Then Magneto trained her and at her behest bonded adamantium to her bones. She was given the task of tracking down Weapon X and bringing him back to the X-Men. She found him and he noted all their similarities although she was unsure whether or not the memories she was experiencing were her own or perhaps the person she was cloned from. She stayed with Weapon X for weeks trying to convince him to come back to no avail. This changed after they killed Northstar and Aurora once loyal to Apocalypse. After convincing Weapon X to return with her she had to constantly break up the tension between him and her uncle, Harada.

    She helped the X-men defeat the Guthrie siblings and saving Jean from Sinister. This ordeal gave her back her memories, and she confirmed that she was in fact the biological daughter of Logan and Mariko.

    She and her father continued to bond, and later she departed with her uncle, Psylocke, and Sunfire, and returned to the people of Japan to try and rebuild their lost nation. She would also reunite with her mother.

    Kirika´s corpse
    Kirika´s corpse

    More than ten years has passed since Apocalypse´s fall when a transdimensional team of Earth 616 mutants has arrived to Age of Apocalypse reality, this group of X-Men is X-Force leaded by Wolverine. Kirika is grateful to see her father alive ten years after of his "death". This team is seeking a life seed in order to save Warren´s life and stop his ascension to Apocalypse. In order to do that, they are invading the Black Tower where Gateway is imprisoned. But during the mission, Kirika is killed by her supposedly dead father, Wolverine.

    Powers Abilities

    She possesses enhanced strength speed and senses and three razor sharp claws which come out between her knuckles. She is an expert tracker and her bones have been laced with adamantium by Magneto himself. This makes her claws and bones virtually unbreakable and able to cut, slice and tear through almost anything.


    • Height: 5’4”
    • Weight: 1200 pounds
    • Eyes: Black
    • Hair: Black

    Known Relatives

    Mariko Yashida (mother), Wolverine (father), Silver Samurai (Half Uncle), Shingen Yashida (Grandfather, deceased).


    • Place of birth: Unknown, somewhere in Japan
    • Citizen ship: Japan
    • Marital status: Single
    • Occupation: Adventurer, freedom fighter

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