Character » Kirigi appears in 22 issues.

    Though neither a samurai nor ninja, Kirigi is a skilled warrior and assassin. His enemies include Daredevil and Elektra.

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    Though little is known of Kirigi's past, he was consider a powerful warrior. With their desire to do away with Elektra and Daredevil for good, the Hand resurrected Kirigi to do their bidding. He had faced Elektra several times in which he had been impaled, hit with a truck and set on fire; able to withstand each attack, until she finally managed to decapitate him.

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    Again, the Hand brings Kirigi back to life; this time to fight Daredevil. When he finds his target, Daredevil had lost his enhanced abilities, but with Stick's aide (along with the Chaste), Kirigi is defeated and his body destroyed, so as to never be resurrected again.

    Powers and Abilities:

    Kirigi is skilled in varies weapons, including the sword, sai, shuriken and rope knife. In his fights, he showed no signs of feeling pain.

    MEDITATION: Through special meditation, Kirigi was able to heal from his injuries after his first encounter with Elektra.

    Other Media:


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    In the movie Elektra, Kirigi is played by actor Will Yun Lee. The movie version of Kirigi is nothing like the comic book; never having been resurrected and able to move with unnatural speed. In the film, Kirigi wishes to become the head of the Hand by stealing the "Treasure" and killing Elektra. After a series of nightmares and visions, Elektra remembers it was Kirigi who killed her mother. At the movie's climax, Kirigi is stabbed through the chest by Elektra's sai and pushed down a well, where he explodes into a green mist (which Hand ninjas do in the film, for some reason).


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