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    Under the name of Kirito, he is sent into a game known as Sword Art Online and must clear 100 floors of dungeons to beat the game. He is classified as a Beater type player and is the only person to be able to Dual Wield.

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    Sword Art Online

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    Kirigaya was originally a beta tester for this game and on the day of the launch he joined the game with ten thousand other people. He soon became friends with Klein and when they went back into the City of Beginnings. The Game Master appeared and said that if you die in the game, you die in real life and if anyone tries to take off your nerve gear, your brain will get fried. After that Kirigaya, under the name of Kirito, leaves Klein and sets off on his own adventure as a solo player to level up and beat the game. Kirito is a solo player because he is one of the only beta testers in the game and the beta testers are hated.

    Kirito eventually joins a group in order to defeat the boss on level one. He joins them and has one person in his party known as Asuna. They arrive at the first boss and lose quite a bit of men to the first boss. Kirito defeats the boss but is discovered that he is a beta tester. The group rejects him and he leaves, leaving Asuna behind.

    After the first boss fight, Kirito befriends a group of people and joins their guild. Kirito keeps his level and abilities a secret to them because he is afraid that he might be rejected by them. Kirito grows especially close to an emotionally unstable girl named Sachi. The group decides to go to a floor that is above their level so they can level up faster. They die in that dungeon because of a trap that made their warp crystals obsolete. Kirito blames himself for their deaths, because of him not telling them his power level.

    After their deaths, Kirito is told that their is an event boss that drops an item that can revive his friends. He locates the boss before anyone else and slays it on his own. The item is dropped but it can only revive someone that died 10 seconds prior. He gives the item to his friend, Klein, who arrived after Kirito beat the boss.

    After that, Kirito saves a girl in the woods that was being cornered by monsters. The monsters killed her pet, but on floor 47, there is a revival item that can revive pets. Kirito and Silicia made it to the item and didn't revive it til they made it back to the city. He, then, left her after the revival.

    After being away from the front lines of floor clearing, Kirito returns and finds Asuna again. Asuna is now the second in command of the Blood Oath Knights and is highly skilled with a rapier sword. Kirito, then, leaves the front lines and takes a nap under a tree. Asuna, later, finds him and wakes him up. They return to town and there is a murder in a safe zone, which is suppose to be impossible. They take it on their own to solve the case, which the eventually do.

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    After solving the case, Kirito is looking for a better sword and Asuna recommended a blacksmith named Lisbeth. Seeing that she doesn't have any good swords that is better than the one he owns, he drags her on a quest to get a better material to get a sword. Lisbeth eventually falls in love with Kirito after getting the metal and making his new sword, but she realized that Asuna liked him.

    After that, on the 74th floor, Kirito and Asuna are still in a party searching for the boss room. They eventually find it and Kirito and Asuna wait for reinforcements. A different guild shows up besides their own. The other guild isn't strong enough to beat the boss and Asuna and Kirito charge in to save them. The boss has his way with them and pushes Kirito and Asuna to the edge. Kirito uses his hidden skill to beat the boss. The hidden skill is dual-wielding and he is the only one who has it. He beat the boss, but was near death.

    After that, Kirito and Asuna fall in love and Asuna wants to leave the guild, so they have to confront the leader, Heathcliff, to have her leave. Heathcliff says if Kirito beats him in a duel then the can leave, but if he doesn't then Kirito must join the Blood Oath Knights. Kirito duels him, but loses and joins the Blood Oath Knights, but Heathcliff allows them to have a leave of absence. Kirito proposes to Asuna after the duel and they get married.

    On their honeymoon, on floor 22, they find a mysterious girl named Yui, which is actually a program. They raise her as their own, but sadly, lose her, because the Cardinal system deletes her from the mainframe, but Kirito was able to save a piece of her.

    After that, Kirito and Asuna are called back to the front lines to take care of a level 75 boss. Kirito and the Blood Oath Knights eventually beat the level 75 boss, but with heavy casualties. Kirito has had suspicions of Heathcliff sense the duel, so he attacks him while Heathcliff is off his guard. Heathcliff is protected by a barrier only the system can provide. Kirito figured out that Heathcliff is actually the Game Master. Heathcliff, then, paralyzes everyone in the area and challenges Kirito to another duel. Kirito accepts despite Asuna's opinion.

    Heathcliff and Kirito battle, but just before the killing blow against Kirito, Asuna jumps in the way and takes the hit. She dies and Kirito becomes emotionally unstable. Heathcliff stabs Kirito and kills him, but his mind defies the system and he survives and stabs Heathcliff. They both die and the world begins to fall apart. Kirito, then, wakes up and continues his real life, but Asuna, with 300 others, is still deep in a coma and it is up to him to figure out why.


    Kirito is now awake, but he is weak from being asleep for 2 years. He has to go to rehab and bond with his sister since he has been away for so long. He visits the hospital often for Asuna, who has not waken up yet.

    One day, while Kirito was in the hospital. Asuna's father and her childhood enemy, Nobuyuki Sugō, showed up. The father left for a meeting and Nobuyuki Sugō threatened Kirito that they were getting married and Kirito was in love with Asuna. It was his job to wake her up and save her from him.

    Kirito wants to awake Asuna from the game, but doesn't know why she is even asleep. He visits his friend, Andrew(Agil), and his friend tells him about a new game called Land of Alfheim and that there was this tree in the game known as the world tree and that the players would try to get to the top. A group of players made it to the lowest branch and snapped one picture and it was of Asuna and Agil sent it to Kirito. Kirito bought the game and put the nerve gear.

    Kirito choose his race as a Spriggan and was launched into the game. He was sent for away from the Spriggan Homeland because of a glitch. He landed inside the Ancient Forest. All of Kirito's items were unknown because they traveled over from Sword Art Online and same was his skill level. His items were unknown except for Yui's heart. He revived Yui and they were reunited.

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    Later, Kirito saw a girl being chased by a group of red fairies known as Salamanders. Kirito, with his high level, destroyed the Salamanders and saved the girl. The girl's name was Leafa. He went to her city and she bought him a drink for saving her.

    Kirito explained to Leafa that he had to get to the World Tree and save someone. She agreed to lead him there and help get to the girl.

    On their travels toward the tree, Leafa received a message from her friend, Recon, that the second in command of their race of fairies was planning to betray their leader and start a war. Kirito and Leafa returned and a peace meeting was happening in between Leafa's race and another race. The Salamanders were planning to attack during the meeting and start a war, but Kirito and Leafa got there in time to stop them. Kirito challenged their leader, General Eugene, to a duel and won and the Salamanders left. Kirito and Leafa continued there way to the tree.

    Later, Kirito and Leafa made it to the tree and Leafa asked who the person that Kirto was looking for was. Kirito told Leafa that her name was Asuna and Leafa had a mental breakdown. Kirito realized it was his sister who was Leafa. His sister's name was Suguha Kirigaya. Kirito logged out and went to her room and wanted to talk to her.

    Kirito asked her why she logged out. She said that she fell in love with him because of the time they spent together not knowing who each other was in person. He said that they still have to find Asuna and that he'll be waiting for her when she gets back on.

    When she did log back on, he said that he put her through enough pain and wouldn't hurt her anymore so he left her and tried to beat the World Tree Dungeon. He failed at beating the World Tree Dungeon by himself. Leafa revived him outside the dungeon and said that she is with him and that he couldn't do this alone. With the help of Leafa's friend Recon and an army, he made it inside the palace on top of the tree.

    With Yui's help, Kirito located Asuna and bypassed her jail cell. They were reunited, but the Elf King was watching and he is the man that is suppose to marry Asuna. Kirito had eventually defeated the Elf King and he earned the prize known as the World Seed. The World Seed was a nerve gear type database that lets people build their own worlds and live their own lives. After receiving the seed, Kirito and Asuna logged out.

    Kirito woke up and raced to the Hospital to see Asuna, but someone was waiting for him. It was the Nobuyuki Sugō. He attacked Kirito with a knife. He managed to cut Kirito across the arm with the knife, but Kirito grabbed the knife and put it to his throat. Kirito did not kill him, because he believed that he was better than killing.

    Kirito went up to see Asuna and they were reunited. Kirito and Asuna and everyone who played SAO are still playing games, including his sister. At the end of ALO, Kirito recreated the tower of 100 floors from SAO so he could beat it for real this time.

    Powers & Abilities

    In real life, Kirito is a regular human being with no powers.

    Sword Art Online and AoL

    Swordsmanship - Kirito has been shown to have excellent swordsmanship. He is able to dual wield and is able to hit with precession. He is the best swordsman in SAO and ALO.

    Healing - Kirito has healing crystals that can heal him to what degree the crystal is at.

    Teleportation - Kirito has a teleportation crystal and it can teleport him to the nearest town.

    Super Speed- Kirito has great speed. He has been shown to move so fast that people can't even see him til he stops.

    Super Strength- Kirito has been shown lifting things with ease and fighting while he is lifting something heavy.

    Tracking- Kirito's eyes will turn green when he is using super sight or when he is trying to pick up things that aren't usually picked up.

    Flying- Kirito, in ALO, can fly to the point where he breaks the sound barrier.

    Illusions- Kirito can cast illusions at such a high level that he can make the illusions kill his enemies.


    Kirito is usually a calm and mild person, who enjoys the little things in life. He was also quite timid when it came to anything. Sometimes, he would let his emotions take control of him and he would get really angry, unless he loses someone dear to his heart. After leaving SAO, he was emotionally depressed, because Asuna was still in the game.


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