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Who likes variant covers?

Issue one of Kirby Genesis hits the stands as we get to see some classic Kirby characters come back to life.

The Good

I really like the concept of all the super-beings just showing up and how the world reacts to it. Yes, there's a lot. There's also a lot of potential in this book, and I'm excited to read more. I enjoyed seeing Alex Ross' artwork once again, for once not just on a cover. It's scattered throughout the issue, and only certain characters, but it still looks pretty darn cool.

The Bad

This is issue #1, the very beginning of a series, yet I am utterly confused as to what is going on for the first 10 pages. I realized a little later that technically this is the second issue of the series, since there was a zero issue prior to this that explained a bit more. It's a bit of a let down for some readers if they didn't realize said issue did not exist.

The pacing was insane on this issue. It starts off pretty slow, and then, all of the sudden everything is dropped right in your lap. You're introduced to so many different characters so quickly that your head will start to spin. At the same time, it's an aspect of the book I really enjoyed.

The Verdict

I'm much more excited to see where this book goes than where it's at now. This first issue is barely a first issue at all. I'm right down the middle on this one. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. I want to keep reading, but I wish I had picked up the #0 issue to understand what is going on. While I really liked the incorporation of Alex Ross' art in the book, I didn't like the rest of the art. It's a tough book to judge because it's based on some of Kirby's earlier work, but I really feel this first issue falls pretty flat. Kirby fans may like it but I'm not sure anyone else will.

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