Kipling Isle

    Location » Kipling Isle appears in 13 issues.

    Island where tribes of animals live together, often at war with each other. A shipwreck with four surviving children stopped a great animal war.

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    On Kipling Isle, probably located in Myst, live several tribes of animals:

    • the Shere, a tribe of tigers, formerly led by Shere Khan, now led by Bomani
    • tribe of wolves, formerly led by Raksha, now led by Ton Wolla
    • the Payari, a tribe of elephants, led by Radha
    • the Tavi, a tribe of mongooses
    • the Bandar, a tribe of apes, led by Bandar Louis
    • the Bada Dar, a tribe of bears, with Baloo probably the last of his kind

    The panther Bagheera and the snake Kaa don't seem to have a tribe. The tribes have their territories, but sometimes war breaks out among several tribes. At one such great war, a ship wrecked itself on the island. Four kidnapped children survived the crash. It stopped the war and the children were divided amongst the animals to raise them as their own.

    Mowglii was raised by the wolves, Akili was raised by the Tavi, Bomani was raised by the tigers and Dewan was raised by the apes.


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