Kip Hölm

    Character » Kip Hölm appears in 5 issues.

    A psychic of the Scantia of Windhölme, Kip was rescued from slavery by Starlord and would become the adopted heir of the Spartoi Empire

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    Kip is of the Scantia race, a sea faring people originally from Jaeger IV who had settled on the planet Windhölme. Kip is the son of Gunnar Hölm, a member of the planetary council, and is known as a 'windrunner' by his people as he has a psychic talent that leads his people in battle with the sea creatures known as the Kraken and their endless hunts of one another.

    His race was nearly exterminated by the Ariguans, a reptilian like race, who enslaved Kip and the younger population of his species. Aboard the slave ship, Kip rebelled, which nearly cost him his life. He escaped with the help of another slave named Sandy. Together they joined Starlord and the slaves were freed. But Kip demanded justice for the deaths of his parents and they joined Starlord to the planet Cinnabar to face the man behind the killings - Kyras Shakati.

    After defeating Shakati, Kip and Sandy went to Sparta, capital of the Spartoi Empire, and were captured by rebellious uncle of Emperor Jason, Gareth. After Gareth's defeat, Kip and Sandy would remain behind, Kip becoming the adopted heir to the throne by Jason. He and Sandy would go to have three children - Alain, Rhys and Robyn.

    Jason revealed his wishes to abdicate the throne after 100 years of rule (80 of which Kip was present) and leave Kip as Emperor of Spatoi.


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