Kintoki Sakata

    Character » Kintoki Sakata appears in 14 issues.

    Kintoki was created by Hiraga Gengai after a request by Kagura and Shinpachi. He was the protagonist of Kintama and the polar opposite of Sakata Gintoki, the protagonist of the series.

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    After Kagura and Shinpachi were angered at Gintoki's departure, they asked Hiraga Gengai to create Kintoki, a more-than-perfect Yorozuya replacement for Gintoki. He was based on Gintoki, hence his carefree personality, but unlike Gin, Kintoki was loved by the entire Kabuki District, though this might be due to his hypnosis. He first appeared in Gintama 374, in the third chapter of Volume 43, the Kintama Arc.


    Kintoki Sakata was created by Hideaki Sorachi in order to be the polar opposite of Gintoki. Gin means silver, while Kin means gold. The author not only picked said name because of its prefix, but so that the arc could be called "Kintama Arc". Kintama (金玉)means testicles in Japanese, and this gag was the inspiration for the name of the series.

    Powers and Abilities


    Being a robot, he has many cybernetic parts which grant him powers. Said powers include:

    • Electricity Generation: Kintoki can generate electric shocks from his body. His electricity was powerful enough to incapacitate Katsura and Kyuubei.
    • Energy Blasts: Kintoki could fire yellow energy blasts from his palms that were strong enough to injure Gintoki, one of the strongest humans in the series, and Kagura, who was a Yato. He embued said energy into his sword at one point in his fight against Gin.
    • Hypnosis: By an unknown means, Kintoki could hypnotise both animals and humans. He used this to turn Kabuki District against Gintoki and his allies.

    Robotic Body

    Kintoki was far stronger than humans, overpowering and outspeeding Kabuki District's samurais.

    • Superhuman Strength: Kintoki could smash through stone walls and throw people dozens of meters away.
    • Superhuman Speed: Kintoki was more agile than Gintoki and Katsura, who could both dodge and cut bullets.
    • Endurance: Due to not feeling pain, not becoming tired, and not possessing any organs, Kintoki could take far more damage than a human being. During his fight with Gintoki, his opponent nearly slashed him in half and pierced his head with his Lake Toya sword, but Kintoki was barely staggered. It was only was Gintoki ripped Kintoki'shead off and stabbed him through his circuit board that the robot stopped functioning and promptly self-destructed.


    Kintoki Sakata was far from the skill of Gintoki and the other master swordsmen from Gintama, but he was programmed with some fighting skill. He seemed to be superior unarmed foe in his fight against Gintoki, but that might be due to Kintoki's superior physicals, rather than skill.

    Weapons and Equipment


    Kintoki wielded a replica of Gintoki's Lake Toya sword. It was crafted by Gengai and could cut through stone, but it was later broken by the original Lake Toya sword, wielded by Gintoki.


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