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    One of the Shokan race but with feline features, Kintaro replaced Goro in the second Mortal Kombat video game. He is much more berserk than his predecessor and thinks very poorly of humans.

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    Kintaro is a part of the Shokan race from the realm of Kuatan. Although unlike other Shokans, Kintaro descends from a rare lineage known for it's brutality.

    Kintaro is the supreme commander of Shao Kahn's armies and his authority is second only to that of Shao Kahn's.

    After hearing of Goro's "death" in the Mortal Kombat Battle Wave series, Kintaro had sworn revenge against the Earth warriors who are responsible for Goro's apparent death. Kintaro distinguishes himself from other shokan by having catlike features such as digitigrade feet, claws, luminous eyes, slitlike pupils, and tiger striped fur.

    it is also revealed that in the mortal kombat battle wave series kintaro always knew goro was never dead,that he never beleived it and that he beleives only he,only the scourge of outworld could kill him.


    • Height: 8'5"
    • Weight: 2,600 lbs
    • Nationality: Outworlder
    • Martial Art: Tiger Fist, Shokan

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