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    Proper Japanese Title: キングダム

    Originally serialized in Weekly Young Jump.

    Kingdom is a historical fiction manga about Qin's conquest of China during the Warring States period, which ultimately culminated in the first united Chinese empire beginning in 221 BCE with Qin Shi Huang becoming the first Emperor of China. However, though the manga takes place during a very real time in history with actual wars being depicted, and the majority of the cast (including major and minor characters) were named figures from recorded history; the actual relationships, origins, genders and personalities of the historical figures are mostly built from scratch and a few major characters are not based in history at all.

    Of special note is the hero of the series, Li Xin, who historically is mostly known for a failed campaign during Qin's conquest which was possibly the worst defeat they suffered during this era but in the manga he is given a full history and motivation to become the Greatest General under the heavens and shown as being something of a prodigy and great warrior (due to years of intensive training before the first chapter).

    As of the 70th Volume (November 2023), the series has reached 100 million copies sold, making it one of the best selling manga of all time.


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