How old are these characters durimg kingdom come?

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This is my first post so maybe i am not doing the question in the correct way,btw i always have the dobut about kingdom come and is how old are some characters like batman, alan scott, superman but specially aquaman, i mean how many years have passed to kingdom come story, thank you so much and sorry for my english

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I don't think it was ever stated, but I think Batman was probably in his mid-60s and Supes mid-50s. Everyone else was probably within that range (or younger for newer characters)

As for how much time had passed. Well, Batman/Talia and Nightwing/Starfire did have a fully grown children, so the story was set at least 25 years in the future.

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@rdclip: I thought they were older especially for batman and green lantern because they look much older than others I think is because they are humans unlike superman or aquaman, thank you man.

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