Kingdom Come Wonder Woman

    Character » Kingdom Come Wonder Woman appears in 36 issues.

    The Wonder Woman version of Earth-22, is not a princess anymore but still a warrior. She must impose peace through the sword and blood if necessary.

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    After years of fruitlessly trying to bring peace to man's world, Diana of Themyscira was stripped of her rank and mission when her fellow amazons decided that she had not done enough to help the others with her message of peace. With a new generation of darker heroes and the progressive isolation of her heroic former comrades, Diana felt lonely, though she still fought to bring harmony and peace to the world. When disaster struck America in the form of a rampaging Magog, Diana talked Clark into ending his retirement. Once Superman agreed to return to public action, Diana was the first one to join the reborn Justice League.

    As their ranks grew, Diana and Clark began an affair. The two came into conflict with each other, though, as the measures Diana pushed for against the wildcard metahumans were often more radical than Clark was willing to approve. When the metahumans locked in the superprison that had been specifically designed for them began to riot, Wonder Woman led the charge of the Justice League to put a stop to the violence. The war between the league and the metahumans erupted.

    Clark and Diana kiss
    Clark and Diana kiss

    Feeling threatened, the ONU dropped a special bomb that left very few combatants alive on either side. Luckily, Diana was one of the survivors. The traumatic experience caused Diana to reexamine her views and she returned to most of the beliefs she had held when she first set foot outside Themyscira. Her relationship with Clark was also stronger than ever, and resulted in a new breed of men and women of tomorrow. She, Clark, their four children and many others attends Batman's funeral in twenty years and will remain with Superman for the rest of her natural life.


    Prior to her Earth's destruction by nuclear holocaust, she and Metropolis are taken to Convergence by Brainiac and Telos and she loses her powers for a year. When the dome went down, she took her Justice League and fought against Ted Kord and the Justice League International. She and her league defeat the JLI and decided not to kill them. She and her league ally with Deimos to save their earth. But betray him since he decided to destroy the Multiverse anyway.


    During the events of Kingdom Come, Diana is angry, almost to the point of being disturbed. She carried a lot of anger for her rejection by the sisters of Themyscira, and channeled that toward the outside world in the form of violence. After the events of Kingdom Come, Diana has once again regained her legendary balance and peace of mind, although she can still be a very effective warrior.

    Powers and Abilities

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    Diana’s powers stem from her background and training among the Themyscirans. Although she has been stripped of her title of Princess, she still retains her abilities and most of her equipment.


    • Divine Empowerment
      • Accelerated Healing
      • Empathy
      • Enhanced Vision
      • Flight
      • Superhuman Durability
      • Superhuman Speed
      • Superhuman Stamina
      • Superhuman Strength


    • Aviation
    • Genius Level Intellect
    • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
    • Weaponry
      • Swordsmanship

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