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    King the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth, also known as Fairy King Harlequin, is one of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins. His formerly is filled up with mishap. He was forced to kill his best friend, erase the memories of his crush Diane and knowing that he neglected his duty to save his sister Elaine. His own race loathed him for leaving his own responsibility. This has led him to compulsorily join the Sins. Eventually, he then knew the true power of his spear and gained recognition from his race another time.

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    Harlequin or simply King, was the king of fairies, and the sister of Elaine, the guardian of the fountain of youth. He is over 700 years old, and is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth.


    King was hanging around the Capital of the Dead, on orders of Gilthunder to lure Meliodas and the others into a trap. Seeing Ban in the town nearby, he ambushes Ban, and is about to defeat him when Meliodas, accompanied by Diane, interrupts them. King flees from the scene, because he was seeing Diane after such a long time.

    Ban somehow manages to open the doorway to the capital of the dead, and King rushes after him to once again engage in battle. He confronts Ban, who doesn't seem to recognize King, even though he said he was. A fight erupts, and it soon becomes clear that Ban is immortal. In an attempt to eliminate Ban once and for all, King, using his sacred treasure Spirit Spear Chastiefol, turns Ban into stone.

    The spirit of Elaine appears and saves Ban, by turning him back. King initially believed it was Ban that killed his sister Elaine in his quest for the fountain of youth. It was actually a demon that killed Elaine. Ban promised to her that he would make her his. King is frustrated for not being able to see Elaine. She finally makes herself visible to King as Ban departs, telling him that he (king) left her for 700 years meanwhile Ban was with her for 7 days whole, giving her happiness and ailing her loneliness.

    Elizebath and Hawk appears, asking to borrow Kings Spear for battle, asking him to depart to safety. King decides to join battle, and flies towards the battleground where Geera had engaged with Diane, Meliodas and Ban. King overpowered Geera really easily, and was seemingly about to be defeated (which is not true as he singlehandedly defeated the upgraded Geera and Jericho) when Meliodas interrupted, using Full Counter to defeat Geera.

    After the fight, King and the others are sitting on the bank of a river, eating Fish. Realizing Elizebath was the princess of Britannia, King transforms into his adult form, and formerly bows at her, and introduces himself. When Elizebath points out to Kings strength, he said the others should have been able to defeat Geera easily. He asks them about the sacred treasures, and demonstrates how the weapons bring out the vast potential power of a Sin.

    Following rumors about a Sacred Treasure, King and his companions reach the town of Byzel, which sits on a giant boulder. They are surprised to find Diane's sacred treasure Gideon leaning on the side of the great Byzel rock as it was called. It was later discovered Gideon was being offered as prize for winning the Byzel tournament. Thus, the sins decide to take part in it.

    King had to fight with who he thought was a frail old man, Cain. He decided to fight without using his power. That turned out bad for him, as he was weaker than a regular old human in that state. After realizing he could not win without using his power, and that he had to return Gideon to Diane, King used a bit of his power, that affected Cain. However the very next moment, Cain had speedblitzed King, hitting him in the cheek, sending him flying off the ring, and getting defeated.

    Even if he had lost, he was glad that at least, Meliodas had won. That was right before Helbram, accompanied by Geera and Jericho attacked. King singlehandedly held his own against both enhanced Geera and Jericho without any trouble and defeated them, short of killing, because he wanted to ask some questions However when Meliodas got trapped inside the crystal. King was about to destroy Geera and Jericho with Chestiefol Spear: Form Four, a big sunflower, when the spear got ripped in Half by Helbram.

    Helbram seemed to know who exactly King was, and adressed him by his real name, Harlequin. He called himself Helbrem, who seemed to have the ability to teleport. It turned out to be no other than the Byzel tournament referee, which meant that the tournament itself was a set up to lure in the seven Deadly Sins. Like King, Helbram also had the power to levitate and fly. It could be that Helbram is a fairy as well.

    Helbram was powerful. He parried the Form Three: Fossilisation of chestiefol which came from behind him, with a wave of his dagger like sword, at the same time hitting King, sending him flying down towards the ground. King prevented his fall, and sent the spear hurtling towards Helbram, as it spun around like a typhoon. Helbram stopped the spear by catching it before it could hit him and headbutted king, sending him crashing on his back.

    Helbram landed some feet from King. King tried to attack Helbrem from being with Chestiefol Spear: Form Five, but it failed. Helbram appeared to have the same powers as King, as stopped the small kunai like blades before it hit him, without even looking back. Just as Helbram slashed across Kings chest, he also managed to hit Helbrams helmet, revealing his face. He called king "old friend".

    King was lying on the ground, unable to move when Ban came along and picked him up. He had sensed Dianes boiling anger and power, and along with Elizebath in one arm and King on the other, he made a run for it, going as far away as he could. They managed to escapes Dianes mountainous move called "Mother Catastrophe".

    After the Byzel tournament, the sins took some time off in order to train and rest. Ban and King train in the forest, where Ban was attacking King with Chestiefol spears, and later form 5, which Ban evaded with ease. However at the very last moment, Ban speedblitzed to get behind him, and threw king towards a tree. King managed to stop himself before impact. They halted for a while before resuming the fight, with King worrying about Ban, who wasnt himself for some reason. All of them were worried about Meliodas.

    Together with Diane and Elizebath, King and Ban go looking for Meliodas, who had split a hill in half. He tells them everything will be alright, and that he will bring an end to the eternal conflict.

    King and the sins arrive at Ordan, following rumors of the a member of the Seven Deadly Sins being in the mountain village. It turns out those were just kids acting, or is it? They hear weird noises and strong power levels emnating from the mountain top, and decide to go check it out.

    On the way, they come across a villager who sounds fear stricken. He describes an armored giant laying waste to a hoarde of Holy Knights. Meliodas guesses it to be Gowther, Goat's Sin of Lust. Placing Diane to take care of Elizebath, Ban, King and Meliodas rushes up the mountain, where they come across Gowther and Dawn Roar engaged in a stalemate.

    King teleporting Pelio to safety
    King teleporting Pelio to safety

    It is broken when Gowther acts to crush Pelio, a wandering kid. Instead, Armando, the village chiefs servent becomes the victim of the giant fist. King, Meliodas and Ban moves to engage Dawn Roar as they had also made the move to engage and destroy Gowther. King zapped to where Pelio was (King was still a good 25 feet from Pelio when he zapped), still shocked and staring at Armandos seemingly dead body, and about to cry out calling his name. King teleported him to safety above the hill, away from the battleground.

    After returning to the battle, King engaged the one named Hugo, attacking him with Form Three of Chastiefol spear. However, before Hugo could be petrified fully, Simon of Dawn Roar cut the arm up from the affected area before Hugo could be petrified completely. Before Meliodas could react, the unnamed member of Dawn roar bound King in some kind of energy ropes.

    Powers and Abilities

    King can levitate, and fly, usually on Chastiefol which is in the form of a pillow when hes not using it in battle. Though, he is capable of flight and levitate independently. King also has the ability to change himself between an adult and a kid. This usually exhausts him.

    King has also been shown manipulating water. Its not clear at the moment whether this ability has anything to do with his levitation ability or not.

    Disaster: An ability that has been shown to fatigue the body of one of his opponents Cain. The ability is also apparantly used in combination with his spear Chastiol to induce transformations, such as turning it into a grizzly bear, or hundreds of small blade like things. This one time, King turned Ban to stone (or patrified him as Ban called it) using the spear.

    Weapon: Chestiefol Spear: Kings Sacred Treasure, a weapon with diversed attacks and an unnamed number of transformations, utilizing kings power, disaster.

    Pillow: This form is what King keeps the spear mostly in, used as a cushion when he is levitating, sometimes even sitting on it, and others, resting his upperbody on it, even while moving at incredible speeds.

    Grizzly Bear Form: King used this form once, in order to restrain an opponent like Ban, making it impossible for him to move. The spear takes the form of a living bear in this form, and wraps its limbs around the target, restricting movement. As it stopped an opponent of Ban's power level, this form is effective as well as strong.

    Spear: This is the most common form of the spear, used mainly for attacking, and sometimes defending.

    BumbleBee: Calling for his use of Disaster, King manuvers the spear at incredible speeds and launches at the opponent, attacking from multiple directions all at once.

    Form Three, Fossilization: In this form, the spear has the power to patrify/turn to stone, whatever it touches.

    Form Four, Sunflower: Chastiefol spear takes the form of a giant flower, when it blooms, it showers hundreds of deadly projectiles capable of annihilating a vast area with incredibly fast penetrating bullet style energy rods.

    Form Five, Increase: Chastiefol spear takes on the form of multiple small kunai shaped weapons that can be controlled by King to attack a target, or targets.


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