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King Samson was an ally of the Silver Ghost. He stole one of the Silver Ghost's gloves and went on a rampage through the city and began to transform evrything he could into silver. 
Wonder Woman who was helping the Freedom Fighters was transformed into silver as well as her lasso. Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady, and the Human Bomb were with Wonder Woman when she transmuted. The Human Bomb who was a physicist before he became known as the human Bomb wrapped Wonder Woman's silver lasso around King Samson's gloved hand and the other around Wonder Woman who was being carried by Uncle Sam. The Human Bomb's theory was that the feedback would reverse the transmutation. 
The feedback reversed the effects and when it coursed through Uncle Sam and Wonder Woman located the dead form of Silver Ghost and revived him. The newly awakened Silver Ghost 
located King Samaon, an unconscious Wonder Woman, and the few Freedom FIghters. King Samson who has regained control of the glove was back on a rampage with the Freedom Fighters in his sights. Silver Ghost who could control anything transmutede to silver and the glove, regardlesss that he was directly connected to it, made the glove turn on King Samson and transmute him into silver.

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