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    Character » King of Hearts appears in 31 issues.

    A boy from Victorian England who accidentally ventured into Wonderland. There he was transformed into the Suicide King.

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    William Allen before Wonderland
    William Allen before Wonderland
    William grew up in England in the mid 19th century. One day while playing hide and seek with his friends Julia and Bethany, William stumbles into his father, Henry Allen's, basement laboratory. There he found one of the sisters' hair ribbons and the mirror to Wonderland. Scared something has happened to his playmates, he runs back upstairs to tell his father. Henry, half asleep, brushes off his son. William in turn runs back down to the basement, where he accidentally falls into the mirror
    On the other side of the mirror, William is transformed into a Wonderland entity in the form of the Suicide King. As the Suicide King he was bestowed with incredible regenerative abilities as well as an uncontrollable self-destructive compulsion. This urge he would eventually overcome, though he is still left with and consumed by extreme emotional scarring from the numerous suicide attempts. 


     After years of self destruction his mother, Elizabeth Allen, found her way to Wonderland in hopes of finding her son. When she found him, she attempted to abscond back to England with him. The Queen of Hearts foiled this plan however and imprisoned Elizabeth indefinitely. 
    When Calie Liddle enters Wonderland  for the first time (in Return to Wonderland) she comes eventually to the castle where William, the Queen of Hearts, and all their playing card guards reside. When Calie is falsely accused of cheating at croquet and detained William prevents her from using her bit of size changing magical mushroom. He instead whispers to her for her to save it for later. 
    During the events of Beyond Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts departed Wonderland for a time. In her absence, Elizabeth-- known by that time as the Red Queen-- escaped her imprisonment and began enacting her revenge on the Queen of Hearts for all she had done to her and her son. With the Queen of Heart's forces defeated, William was able to find some peace at Elizabeth's side in the palace of Wonderland. This peace enabled them both to assist Calie in her quest to find her daughter (who had been kidnapped by the Mad Hatter) with directions to the Jabberwocky's lair, during the events of Escape from Wonderland.


    Hometown:  Grayshott, Hampshire, England
    Height:  4'9"
    Weight: 110 
    Eyes:   blue
    Hair: brown
     Henry Allen (father), Elizabeth Allen (mother) 


     Like all denizens of Wonderland he is ageless and gains increased healing abilities while in Wonderland. Unlike all other denizens of Wonderland his regenerative abilities are much faster-- taking mere seconds.

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