King Lizard

    Character » King Lizard appears in 38 issues.

    Not much is known about King Lizard besides for the fact that he is the leader of the Lizard League and may be some kind on genetic mutant based on his appearance.

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    Going Nuclear

    The enigmatic "king" of the Lizard League rules a criminal organizationof thousands of blindly obediant followers and henchmen. The fervent loyalty and fanatical obedience of his underlings clearly demonstrates the extent of the King Lizard's influence and charismatic authority. The hierarchal nature of the league is characterized by a highly competitive pecking order, in which higher ranking individuals dominate those of lower social rank. A single highly dominant individual, the king, commands all others in the group. Each King Lizard gains his power after the defeat,
    death or incapacitaion of the previous King Lizard. Because the previous king failed, the current king always believes that he is the most rightful there has ever been, and all the others were simply minor footnotes in preparation for the one true king. King Lizard's have a high mortality rate, so lower status lizard-men adopt subservientroles to advertise that they are not a threat to the king. As long as the king is successful the Lizard League will provide endless minions to do his work. Once the king shows signs of defeat, most lizard-men stop fighting, but a few, those who consider themselves able to become the next alpha male, will turn on each other. The havoc and mayhem created by the League in the course of their criminal activities regularly bring them into conflict with government authorities and the superhuman community. Like the insects (the dominant life form on earth) the League succeeds by sheer force of numbers and endless variety of approach.

    Early in Invincible's career he faced off against King Lizard and his league, but with Atom Eve's help their plans were thwarted. King Lizard ended up in jail, but secretly directed the Lizard League. Months later when Doc Seismic attacked the city. The Guardians of the Globe fought off against him but accidentally broke open the prison and King Lizard ran with many of the other fleeing villains. He returned to Lizard League HQ and reclaimed his leadership from Supreme Lizard who believed King Lizard had abandoned the league. He proceeded to turn the league into something other than the joke it had become. His first act was to gain control of nuclear missile silos. This was easy because the Guardians of the Globe were out fighting the Sequid invasion. This left Rex-Splode, Shrinking Ray, and Dupli-Kate to fend off against the league. The battle seemed to be in their favor until Dupli-Kate and Shrinking Ray were killed. Rex sacrificed his hand to kill Komodo Dragon, but as soon as he did King Lizard pulled a gun on him. Lizard shot Rex in the back of the head but Rex overcame it and fist-fought him until they both passed out. When Brit arrived by order of the government, Lizard used his last breath to shoot Brit in the head, unknowing that he was invincible. King Lizard's whereabouts are unknown.

     Character Information

     Height: 5' 11"

    Weight: 165 lbs

    Hair: Yellow

    Eyes: Unknown

    Unusual features: The King Lizard's skin is an unnatrually pale shade of green, the reason for this is unknown at this time.

    Strength level: Unknown whether or not King Lizard possesses strength greater than a human his age, height and build.

    Known superpowers: Unknown


    The King Lizard is a powerfully charismatic individual and a formidable strategist. He possesses a brilliant intellect and a keen knowledgeof cutting edge tecnology and weaponry. He is also a skilled hand to hand combatant.


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