King Kraken

    Character » King Kraken appears in 11 issues.

    King Kraken is a disfigured deep sea diver who has turned pirate. He is a member of the Club of Villains.

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    The villain known as King Kraken was once a deep sea diver who became disfigured. Following his disfigurement, he turned pirate. He had numourous run ins ins with the hero known as the Wingman. His weapon of choice was an electric rifle.
    When the Club of Heroes reunited, Wingman faked his death by electrocuting the Dark Ranger to try to convince the other heroes of the existience of a "Club of  Villains." His charade was figured out, however. King Kraken did not actually appaer in this story.
    Later, after an actual Club of Villains was formed by Dr. Hurt. King Kraken is one of the members who assault the Batcave, by diving into the Gotham waters and swimming in to the subterranian lakes in the Batcave. Here, he helps take over the mansion. Following this, Kraken is teamed up with Charlie Caligula at the Gotham docks. He kills one of Caligula's henchmen, saying "Henchmen are for wussies." Caligula and Kraken are attacked by Batman, who defeats the two by knocking a large number of crates onto them.


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