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King Kid was initially a young child who suffered from being abused by his parents. After spilling porridge at home, he decided to run away to avoid being punished by his parents. He ended up being teleported to the Funlands after falling down a well after his parents caught up with him. Upon his initial arrival. he found his scepter which he called his Magic Stick and found out that the scepter could summon anything he wished for by wishing for something fun to do and summoned a carousel. Sometime afterwards, other children begun to stumble into the Funlands and King Kid begun to further establish more wish constructs in order to entertain them.

Major Story Arcs

Shazam And The Seven Magiclands

King Kid welcomes Billy Batson and the rest of Billy's siblings into the Funlands upon learning that they were the champions of Shazam! and believed himself to be the seventh champion. Since the siblings were hesitant to share the powers the magic word, he tells them of his origins in order to gain their trust. However, he is dismayed upon learning that the siblings had parents that they wished to go back to and learning that Mary Marvel was now close to being an adult. He then has her captured and thrown than the Below while the rest of the siblings are displaced into the other lands of the Magic Lands.

After defeating and capturing Billy, King Kid brings him down to the Below where it is revealed that every child that had grown into an adult in the Funlands is now forced to work as a slave to maintain the Funlands.


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