King Iqula

    Character » King Iqula appears in 14 issues.

    Iqula is King of the Tritonians.

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    Iqula was born before the Exodus, in which the Merpeople with fins became separatists from the legged Atlantians of Posiedonis. Through his youth Iqula was well trained as a leader and a general. Callin himself the true son of the Sea, he believed he should rule all of Atlantis in place of Aquaman due to his high born bloodline as a descendant of Poseidon. He and Aquaman Later became friends and rivals.

    King Iqula is the Ruler of the merpeople of Tritonis, the sister city to Poseidonis. He is Married to S'ona, and has a respectful rivalry with Aquaman. King Iqula was born of the bloodline of Triton attributing to his super human strength, and skills as a warrior. During the Atlantian civil war, Iqula lead his people in battle. During the Atlantian Renaissance all great cities of Atlantis were united.Iqula was also one of the few who ultimately survives the destruction of Atlantis at the hands of the Spectre.

    Powers and abilities

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    Super Strength: Iqula is one of the strongest Atlanteans able to match Aquaman in a fist fight.

    Amphibious morphology: Iqla can survive indefinitely in water or on land, and is able to withstand all pressure and cold in the sea. He has the durability to withstand the pressure of the depths of the ocean, extreme heat temperatures.

    Hydrodynamic: Iqula can swim comfortably through rough waters for hours without showing signs of fatigue.


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