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    King Faraday is an expert with all kinds of firearms and countless other weapons. He is also an Olympic level athlete.

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    Little is known of the early life of the man known as King Faraday. An exemplary soldier, he was enlisted by the United States government several years ago to serve as a so called "agent without passport", a top secret one-man underground army.

    In the service of his country, King Faraday has travelled the world countless times over, doing whatever he feels necessary to protect and maintain the security of the United States. Several times in the last few years this has brought him into conflict with the Batman. Though their points of view differ, they retain a grudging respect for one another.

    King Faraday has been an operative with Checkmate and the last version of Suicide Squad pre-Flashpoint.

    New 52: Futures End

    King Faraday made his new 52 debut in the weekly series New 52. Futures End, an story which happens five years forward in the timeline of the new 52 continuity.

    He is after Grifter and hidding the evidence about the presence of daemonites on earth. The identity of his companion and if he was associated before with other characters is still unknown.

    He recruited Grifter to work in an unknown project for Cadmus Island, along with Deathstroke and Fifty Sue. And also was warned by the masked Superman to keep far from Lois Lane.

    Other Versions

    New Frontier

    Faraday plays a prominent role in the alternate universe series DC: The New Frontier. He leads an effort to contain and corral the large amount of super-powered entities appearing. He uses various illegal methods, such as laying a trap for Barry Allen, even though he has not committed any crimes. Despite all this, he forms a friendship with the Martian Manhunter . He is killed in the last issue of the series.

    New Teen Titans: Games

    Faraday appears in the New Teen Titans graphic novel Games, having to seek out the teen team as a mysterious former employee targets him and New York City with destruction if Faraday cannot or will not play his game. However Faraday's request for aid however is initially refused as Faraday's Cold War mentality demands that the Teen Titans find and kill the mysterious Gamesmaster. However, despite being relieved from active duty, Faraday uses his CBI connections and forced the Titans to aid him, by coming out knowing Nightwing's secret ID, threatening to seize Dayton Industries, expel Starfire and Victor's grandparents as illegal immigrants. However the Gamesmaster forces the Titans to aid him nontheless as his first attacks are made, killing Sarah Simms by bombing her bus, making Victor swear to kill the Gamesmaster. At the end, however it is revealed that the Gamesmaster was none other than Faraday himself, his mind having fractured during the Cold War leaving him to see threats everywhere eventually forming a persona to pose these threats to eventually make the US safeguard against these new threats. In the end Faraday is captured and meets an uncertain fate at the hands of the CBI, with Nightwing claiming it was probably best they didn't know what would happen to him when asked.

    Smallville Season 11

    In the Smallville Season 11 series, Dr. King Faraday was an agent of Checkmate. He served as guardian for the recently discovered white martian named Megan Morse and raised her as her own daugther due to seeing his own deceased daughter in the young alien. When Zod attacked Checkmate's castle, Megan and Faraday stayed locked inside the facility with Faraday eventually dying from hunger and, in a last sign of affection, recorded on his cellphone a message for whoever finds his corpse: take care of his daughter.

    Tangent Comics: Green Lantern

    In the fifth week event Tangent comics a diferent King Faraday starred one of the short tales of the antology book Green Lantern. he was a exiled native Molodavian of royalty descent who have traveled the world working as a skilled detective while eluding assassins dispatched by the New Molodavian Republic. After dying in a tragic air accident, he was summoned again to life by the earth-9 Green Lantern to solve one last mystery. The only one he couldn't solved in life.

    Animated Versions

    Justice League Unlimited

    King Faraday On JLU
    King Faraday On JLU

    King Faraday appears in Justice League Unlimited show , voiced by Scott Patterson . His first appearance was in the episode "Double Date", in which he was a federal agent assigned to guard Steven Mandragora , but he escaped. It was established in the 3rd season opener "I Am Legion" that he was appointed as the Justice League's official liaison with the U.S. government. In the episode "To Another Shore", he and a group of government agents wearing jet packs appear in a scene, helping Wonder Woman in a fight against members of the Secret Society . One point of interest in the scene is when he refers to his fellow agents as "goldbrickin' yahoos", a catchphrase more associated with Nick Fury , a Marvel Comics character Faraday preceded.

    Young Justice

    King Faraday on Young Justice
    King Faraday on Young Justice

    Faraday also appears in the Young Justice episode Performance, where he's an agent of Interpol investigating Haley's International Circus in connection to a rash a thefts across Europe.He initially suspects Jack Haleys's involvement, but learns the true culprit to be the Parasite after a tip from Robin, and successfully takes him into custody following his defeat at the team's hands.

    Justice League: New Frontier

    King Faraday on New Frontier
    King Faraday on New Frontier

    Actor Phil Morris voices King Faraday in the direct-to-video adaptation of Darwyn Cooke's Justice League: The New Frontier . In the film version, Faraday dies the same death a character named Johnny Cloud did in the comic version by igniting grenades as he is being devoured by a dinosaur .


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