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    Beginng To End

    This was an insanely interesting book, if its not the art or the humor within the story its the story itself. I couldnt stop reading this book i was actually taken entirely into the world of David and King Saul. Watching David turn from the carefree smartass child into the man he became at the end of the story is something I would read in a novel not a comic and I loved every moment. David starting out the humble harpist to the lecharous and evil King Saul, and Davids harp being the only thing that keeps the great King Saul at peace ion the beginning of the story was really interesting. This is a great book especially for those who love blood and an actual story behind the senseless violence like me, the scene where David conqours a enemy ten times his size was simply awesome.

    Watching a boy become a man within this 160 page comic was very fun. Starting out the cute kid and turning into a war hero within 2 years of the beginning of the book was just fun to watch, this is the kind of comic that feels as if your watching a movie. And when you find yourself rambling as I am now to how the comic was done its just that much more satisfying to have read it. And I reread it for a second time after finishing it, and found some little humor I hadnt caught the first time.

    The Art was....amazing. The kind of cartoony stuff we saw back as a kid only filled with blood,sex, and gore. It was just a sight for the eyes.

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