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    King Cold is a galactic tyrant who is father to Cooler and Frieza. Unlike his sons, he seemed to care for others, but only his family.

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    Trunks Saga

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    King Cold finds his son Freeza after Namek explodes. Freeza's body is badly damaged and he is missing limbs. He then takes Freeza to his ship to give him robotic limbs and body parts. They go to Earth to settle Freeza's score with Goku. He wanted him to blow up the planet from space but Freeza wanted to blow the planet up himself. If Freeza listened to his father they both would be alive.

    After reaching Earth, King Cold and Freeza faced Trunks, son of Vegeta and Bulma. He easily defeated and chopped up Freeza. King Cold then offered Trunks a position as his new heir. As Trunks somewhat rudely declines, Cold asks if he can see Trunks' sword. Trunks accepts, and throws the sword over to Cold to inspect. Cold, claiming that the only reason Trunks defeated Freeza was because of the sword, lashes out at Trunks with the sword. Trunks proves otherwise, however, and blocks the sword, blasts Cold through the chest into the mountain, and takes the sword. Cold begs for mercy, but Trunks blasts him once more and his ship.

    Powers & Abilities:

    King Cold is capable of destroying a planet. He offered to blow up the planet himself.

    Video games

    King Cold has appeared in the following games:

    • King Cold
      King Cold
      Dragon Ball Z Budokai
    • Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
    • Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku II

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