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    King Chimera becomes one of the new, younger generation of the Justice Society of America, the All Stars. He is arguably the most arrogant member of the new group yet greatly aids them in their battles with his illusion casting abilities.

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    King Chimera claimed to be the son of The King aka King Standish. While not possessing the vast abilities of the other members of the team Chimera is able to easily hold his own in battle against the troops of the paramilitary group known as Novyj Soviet during one of the groups first missions, despite the fact that the troops were in fact androids who were not affected by his illusion casting. During a training session several days later hostilities flare up between Damage and Chimera when, after some baiting from both parties, Damage ends up punching him. After storming off from the scene Chimera goes to cool off, literally in this case, and is followed swiftly by Cyclone who wants to check he is all right. Despite the fact that Chimera once again comes across as being rather rude and blunt the pair share a brief moment.

    After Stargirl has been kidnapped the group go after her captors and arrive in a battle between the Injustice Society and Arthur Pemberton's troops. As the group splits up to take care of the Injustice Society Chimera finds himself fighting against The Wizard. Much to The Wizard's chagrin King Chimera simply mocks his Infernallemurs, distracting the villain long enough for him to get kicked in the back of the head by Judomaster.

    With the group now safely back together, Stargirl with whom they are unaware of her current location, they engage in yet more training on Magog's orders. Chimera finds himself dueling with Cyclone during this practice and, after arrogantly insulting the whole point of the exercise and enraging Cyclone, gets punched in the stomach for his troubles before throwing Cyclone to the ground in retaliation and claiming he has more important things to worry about than making friends.

    After finding out from Sandman that Johnny Sorrow and the rest of the Injustice Society are summoning the

    King of Tears, minus Magog, go into battle with Captain Marvel, Dr. Fate and Alan Scott at their side. Sorrow simply laughs off the reinforcements and turns to Chimera and blasts him with his energy causing Chimera to fall to the ground with his eyes bleeding out and the teams support vanishing, being revealed as nothing more than one of Chimera's illusions. With the battle taking several unexpected turns the team is saved by the appearance of a mysterious woman who promptly deals with the King of Tears as Cyclone calls out that Chimera won't hold out much longer after the damage he suffered from Johnny Sorrow's attack. Despite some reluctance on the mystery woman's part she is convinced by Power Girl to help Chimera with her magic, which is luckily a success. After taking ten days the prepare the necessary spell the mystery woman, who reveals herself to be Anna Fortune, prepares to teleport the group to rescue Stargirl from the Subtle Realms, who had gone during the last battle with Johnny Sorrow to save her friends. Despite still not being fully recovered Chimera joins the group, stating that he holds deep grudges and nothing would keep him from joining this fight.

    With Anna's spell backfires and brings the Subtle Realms to Upstate New York instead of transporting the team there as originally planned the group spreads out as the King of Tears makes a reappearance with Power Girl

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    telling Sandman to go and find Stargirl while the rest of the team hold off the God's rampage. Ignoring the orders of his teammate Chimera informs Sandman that he will be joining him on his mission and the pair make their way into the castle in front of them. As the pair are making their way through the hordes of Subtle Realms animal people Sandman asks Chimera why he never sees him hit an opponent, to which Chimera explains that his powers make it so he can conjure anything he has ever seen and heard into one of his illusions which he uses to distracted enemies and cause them to deal with themselves by way of running into walls and so forth. Seemingly acceptant of the explanation given Sandman says he can see something in the courtyard ahead and so the two men continue while the rest of the enemies are dealt with by Chimera's illusions.

    When they finally reach the room with Stargirl, Atom Smasher and Johnny Sorrow the duo find out that Sorrow has orchestrated everything so far as a means to regain his humanity, which is already nearing completion and the only step left being to kill Stargirl. As Sorrow quickly defeats Sandman he turns towards Stargirl only to be interrupted by Chimera walking in the doorway and asking if Sorrow remembers the trick he showed Chimera the last time they battled, much to Sorrow's surprise as he states it is rare for someone to survive the assault he was dealt before by the madman's powers. Chimera angrily states its time for Sorrow to see how he likes it and mimics the same attack used against him using him powers, severely injuring the now mortal Sorrow.

    After checking that Sandman is OK following the injuries he sustained during his fight with Sorrow Chimera makes his way over to the villain and grabs him by the jacket and demands to know how to send him, and the Subtle Realms, back to where they belong. Sorrow agrees to Chimera's demand and tells them that Stargirl must stab the King of Tears through the heart as he is the link between the two worlds. The group distracts the King of Tears long enough for Stargirl to do so causing the God to explode and sending everything back to normal, and Johnny Sorrow back to the Subtle Realms to recover.

    Two weeks later the team is back at the All Star's ranch and Chimera asks Cyclone if she heard any word from Stargirl since the mission, to which Cyclone says she hasn't heard anything. Almost on que Stargirl appears and the group happily reunite with their first team mission being a success after some rocky moments, unaware of what is about to happen...


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