King Acorn

    Character » King Acorn appears in 87 issues.

    Maximillian Acorn is the former King of New Mobotropolis and father to Princess Sally and Prince Elias.

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    Maximillian Acorn is the father of Sally and Elias Acorn and husband to Alicia Acorn.

    King Acorn along with Ixis Naugus were banished to the Zone of Silence and in order to save himself from Ixis Naugus he pledged loyalty to him. After several years in the Zone of Silence, Princess Sally and Sonic The Hedgehog find King Max, but sadly he had lost all memory of them both. King Acorn soon came to command a large army of goblin-like creatures and claimed the zone as his own and ruled it with an iron fist.

    Later on, the Freedom Fighters find King Max once more and are able to rescue him from the Alien-like environment "Zone of Silence" and return him to Knothole village, unfortunately though he had been exposed to the harshness of the environment of the Zone of Silence for such a long time, his body soon began crystallizing. Than it was discovered that when the Sword of Acorn and the Crown of Acorn where brought together along with the King of Acorn it could make a magical healing ability. This was preformed and King Acorn was soon restored to his former self.


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