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Kimura punishes a young X-23.
Kimura punishes a young X-23.

Kimura was an ordinary human who was recruited by The Facility and genetically enhanced with superhuman invulnerability and strength, specifically to be X-23's handler. A product of an extremely abusive childhood, she took a sadistic pleasure in hurting X-23, knowing that X-23 was unable to harm her, often working with Facility scientist Zander Rice to make X-23's life a living hell. Kimura would beat X-23 when she failed a mission or didn't perform to their high standards and would at times even beat her when X-23 had accomplished a mission successfully. She also played a part in X-23 murdering her martial arts sensei through the use of the Trigger Scent, mostly as a test to see if the drug was successful but also because X-23's sensei had shown her kindness.

Shortly after X-23 escaped the Facility, Kimura tracked X-23 - now going by the name 'Laura' - to her maternal aunt Deborah Kinney's home in San Francisco, where she had attempted to live a normal life with Debbie, her cousin Megan, and Debbie's boyfriend Desmond, who was secretly a Facility agent. After Desmond was killed by X-23 in a Trigger Scent-induced frenzy, Kimura snapped X-23's neck and connected them both via adamantium cuffs before torturing Megan in front of X-23. However Kimura was caught by surprise when X-23 cut off her own hand, freeing herself from the adamantium cuffs and after telling Debbie and Megan to leave the house, X-23 reattached her hand, ruptured a gas pipe, and caused an explosion that completely destroyed Debbie's home, though Kimura's body was not found in the wreckage.


Kimura is a Marvel comic book character created by writers Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost and artist Paco Medina. The character first appeared in New X-Men #31, released in 2006.

Major Story Arcs

Mercury Rising

Back to torment some more.
Back to torment some more.

Kimura reappeared some time later after X-23 had joined the New X-Men after M-Day, but this time her target was X-23's teammate, Mercury. Experimenting on Mercury and torturing her, The Facility was able to extract part of her organic metal body to bond on to a mutant biological weapon that they would sell to the highest bidder, codenamed Predator X. Kimura faced off against X-23 and Hellion who were attempting to rescue Mercury but was eventually defeated by Hellion who refused to kill her despite X-23's insistence, instead using his telekinesis to throw Kimura over 27 miles away from the Facility compound.

After her defeat, Kimura was discovered attempting to assassinate X-23 with a sniper rifle on the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning grounds by Emma Frost, who psychically paralyzed Kimura and revealed that her abusive relationship with X-23 was a product of her own abusive upbringing. While Kimura's physical form was nigh invulnerable, her mind was left open to psychic attacks and Emma exploited this in the ultimate punishment she could deal, removing all memories Kimura had of her grandmother, the only person in her life who ever shown her kindness. Leaving Kimura with a painful void in her mind and heart and brainwashed into hunting down her Facility superiors, Emma warned Kimura never to go near X-23 again.


After six months having her brain rewired to remove Emma's assassination commands, Kimura turned up in Madripoor, selling biotech weapons and a Predator X to Madam Hydra while being hunted by Wolverine and Punisher.

Kimura vows to X-23...
Kimura vows to X-23...

When H.A.M.M.E.R. agents captured X-23, she was turned over to the Facility. Kimura was pleased to have X-23 back under her care and to show how happy she was, Kimura took a chainsaw to X-23 and cut off her arm with sadistic glee. When Adam Harkins, who at the time was the head of The Facility, decided that X-23 was a "valuable commodity" and wanted her mind-wiped, Kimura killed him so that she would be free to kill X-23. However, with the help of Agent Morales, X-23 was able to escape again. Kimura's final words to X-23 were that she would kill Morales, her little X-Men classmates, her telekinetic boyfriend, everything X-23 loves, starting with Megan.

All-New Wolverine

Kimura disappeared for a time afterwards, but resurfaced sometime after Logan's death and Laura taking on the Wolverine name for herself. She was the mastermind behind the escape of Zelda, Bellona, X23_3PAR, and Gabby from Alchemax Genetics, and made a deal with them: In exchange for helping them escape, the Sisters would destroy Alchemax Genetics in retaliation for stealing the Facility's technology and research. After they and Wolverine succeeded in bringing the operation down, Bellona remanded herself to Kimura's custody so she could harvest the nanite technology infesting her as part of the agreement to allow Gabby to go free.

Powers & Abilities

Blocking X-23's adamantium claws.
Blocking X-23's adamantium claws.

For the primary purpose of handling X-23, Kimura was given superhuman invulnerability that made X-23's adamantium claws unable to pierce her skin and also allowed her to withstand gunfire, explosions and avalanches. Kimura also possesses superhuman strength and is an adept fighter with above average speed and agility.

While she is extremely durable and dangerous however, Kimura's mind was left unguarded by the process that made her superhuman and she is highly susceptible to psychic attacks.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 109 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Black

Other Media


X-men: Battle of the Atom

X-men: Battle of the Atom
X-men: Battle of the Atom

Kimura is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

  • [Death to Wolverine] Kimura

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