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    A member of the dangerous Kaguya clan, Kimimaro was able to manipulate his bone structure and cells to incredible extent. He died because of the fatal tuberculosis disease he had suffered from.

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    General Information

    Birthday: June 15

    Height: 166 cm

    Weight: 50 kg

    Hair: White

    Eyes: green

    Village: Otogakure.


    Kimimaro was a male shinobi with pale skin, shoulder-length white hair and green eyes. He had two red dots on his forehead. His attire consisted of a light lavender, loose-fitting, long-sleeved, zip-up shirt, black pants cut off around mid-calf, bandages wrapped around his ankles, traditional shinobi sandals, and a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around his waist. His curse seal appeared at the base of his throat.


    Kimimaro was from the Kaguya clan, which was known for their love of battle. Kimimaro didn't have a particular interest in fighting or killing. He merely saw it as a means to be of use to others. He was a calm and quiet individual. He rarely showed emotions. He was fiercely loyal and dedicated to Orochimaru. He believed his purpose was o serve and protect Orochimaru because he felt Orochimaru had saved him from a life of loneliness and despair. He loyally carried out all tasks that were given to him by Orochimaru. His dedication to Orochimaru was so great, that, despite his body's failing strength, he was able to will himself into battle, and still proved himself as an extremely dangerous opponent. Even after his death and resurrection, he is still shown to be loyal to Orochimaru.


    Kimimaro was born with a powerful bone-controlling kekkai-genkai and was feared even amongst his own clan, locked up as a child and only released when his when his fellow clan members were ready for battle. He grew to hate other members of his clan and just about everybody else he ever knew.

    Kimimaro as a child
    Kimimaro as a child

    Eventually, his clan needed his assistance in a battle against the village hidden in the Mist (the hometown of Zabuza and Haku).

    After the battle, the only surviving member left of the Kaguya clan was Kimimaro.

    He wandered in the forest and saw a flower,and attempted to destroy this thing of beauty, as it was "intruding" in his world of hate. He was stopped by Orochimaru,who convinced Kimimaro to come with him, and he did, because Orochimaru showed something he had never felt before, love (though this was only one of Orochimaru's facades, for the only thing about Kimimaro that he saw intriguing was his kekkai genkai). While in the services of Orochimaru, he became friends with Juugo (and turned out to be the only one that could calm down Jugo's rampages). When he challenged the Sound Four (The Sound Five) after Orochimaru had finally taken him in under his wing he defeated them all with extreme ease, thus temporarily changing it to the Sound Five. He had proven to them that he was quite easily the most powerful ninja they had ever met, even far more powerful than the ninja Orochimaru, their leader, who had managed to find his soft spot by pretending he cared about him in the slightest extent. It was around this time Kimimaro showed signs of his disease: tuberculosis.

    Showdown in the Forest:

    Kimimaro first appears (within the actual manga itself, not in a flashback) to stop Naruto from going after Sasuke, who had decided to join Orochimaru. Even when Naruto was able to go into his one-tail Kyuubi form (which he had previously used against the water-nin Haku) and use Kage Bunshin shadow Doppelgangers, Kimimaro defeated them with graceful ease. When Naruto saw Sasuke, he asked why he had decided to join Orochimaru's side, only to be responded by a hysterical laugh and Sasuke leaping off into the depths of the forest behind them. Naruto then resorted to using Kyuubi to fight Kimimaro. After summoning multiple shadow clones all with the power of Kyuubi , he continued his attacks.

    Using all his might he fought Kimimaro, but in the end the powerful Kaguya clan member defeated them all. The thing was not that Naruto had been defeated, he was ready for that. It was that Kyuubi had been defeated so easily. When Naruto had jumped, he had had all of his clones immediately killed by Kimimaro's bone blades, killing them all in an instant. It was this fact that scared Naruto very much. The fight raged on, but it was obvious where it was headed....

    Right when Kimimaro was going to finish Naruto off, Rock Lee appeared and attacked Kimimaro, thus distracting him.

    Naruto was able to escape while Lee fought Kimimaro. Lee was still injured from his fight with Gaara so he requested that Kimimaro stop fighting him for a second so that Lee could take his medicine (which was actually sake, a Japanese alcohol). What neither Lee nor Kimimaro knew was that Lee had accidently taken a drink called sake, a Japanese alcohol. What’s more, they did not know that Lee was a master of the drunken fist. The tides quickly changed and Kimimaro was unable to defeat Lee in this drunken frenzy. Lee did well until he sobered up and was almost killed, the only thing saving him from death being Gaara, who's sand had come out of nowhere to save Lee.

    Final Moments:

    The fight started with Kimiamro launching a group of bone projectiles from his fingers that went near straight through Gaara's shield of sand, reaching past the barrier and coming centimeters from his face, though Gaara did not flinch. Kimimaro remained calm and cool the entire fight, and made more weapons out of his bone throughout the fight. After Gaara used his sand and the minerals in the ground to block whatever attack Kimimaro used, Kimimaro realized that getting the sand-nin to fight hand-to-hand would be impossible. Eventually, however, Gaara pulled out some new tricks that forced Kimimaro to go into Curse Seal form Two, something he had never had to do before. Gaara even trapped Kimimaro in his Sand Coffin attack, but the transformed Kimimaro broke out of the coffin and attacked Gaara head-on. He used a barrage of attacks that eventually forced Gaara to retreat, and Lee was forced back as well, as Gaara had to not only protect himself, but him too. After Kimimaro had cleared the playing field for himself, he made it very specific that neither of them would be able to defeat him as easily as they had expected. Kimimaro then tore out his own spine, using it as a whip, and wrapped it around Gaara, who had put up a sand shield the instant Kimimaro used the whip. Kimimaro then transformed his hand into a spear-like weapon that was made up of the hardest bones in his body. Gaara put up a sand shield called Ultimate Shukkaku Defense, which was made of the strongest minerals in the ground at the time. Ultimately, Kimimaro’s bone-spear broke against the shield and Gaara was freed. In desperation, Kimimaro released his ultimate technique, filling the field up with an amazing amount of bones until there was utterly nothing left of the once plain green field and forest area that they had been fighting in. Using the remainder of his chakra, Gaara used his sand to levitate himself and Rock Lee above the bones, later commenting on how much chakra he had lost. However, Kimimaro appeared from one of the closer tower-like bones protruding from the earth and pulled back for a finishing blow, yelling at Gaara about how Orochimaru helped him in an angry reply to Gaara’s comment about how evil Orochimaru was. However, before he could kill Gaara, he succumbed to his tuberculosis (disease) and died.


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