Kimberly Alleyne

    Character » Kimberly Alleyne appears in 23 issues.

    Sister to the X-men's Prodigy and friend of the Xavier student body.

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    As a child she grew up in the shadow of her brilliant brother David though their parents loved them both dearly. When he was sent to Xaviers she missed him very much and the two remained close.


    Kimberly was created by Christina Weir, Nunzio DeFilippis and Keron Grant and first appeared in New Mutants Vol.2 issue 4(2003).

    Major Story Arcs

    Visiting Xavier's

    She came to visit Xavier's after the students were split into squads. She became quick friends with her brothers squad and shared the dislike of Julian Keller. She wanted more than anything to be a mutant like her brother and when a dead mutant revealed himself to her alone she thought she was a mutant. When everything was revealed she was simply human. She remained at the school to complete her visit and then went back home. She remained in contact with her brother even after he was de-powered and when he moved to the mutant island off San-Francisco.


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