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    Kimberly Ann Possible, a junior adventurer who deals with both super-villains trying to take over the world and her own school life without actually living a double life. Her lifetime friend/recent boyfriend Ron Stoppable and Ron's pet naked, mole rat Rufus act as sidekicks. They are backed up by Wade Load, a twelve year old genius who gives Kim her equipment and missions but never seems to leave his room.

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    Kim Possible was just an ordinary teen girl in junior high school when she decided to put up a website in an effort to help the community, though this website was intended for mundane tasks such as rescuing cats from trees. It is the same website that would change her life completely.

    It all happened when a rich man accidentally pressed a button to activate his lasers, and he was trapped, the guy whom he was trapped with attempted to contact Team Impossible, another team of superheroes that charge money. However, the man accidentally contacted Kim Possible, and so Kim Possible had her first mission. She saved the two men, and became famous, and so more and more people requested her help, rather than the help of Team Impossible, which caused friction between team Kim Possible and Team Impossible.


    KP, Ron & Rufus
    KP, Ron & Rufus

    Kim Possible is the lead protagonist of the Kim Possible cartoon series produced by Disney. The series was created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle. The series first began airing in June 7, 2002 on the Toon Disney programing block on The Disney Channel.

    Major Story Arcs

    Powers & Abilities

    When saving the world, Kim's cheerleading skills come in handy.
    When saving the world, Kim's cheerleading skills come in handy.

    Kim Possible is a famous teen hero who constantly saves the world from the evil plans of her arch-nemesis Dr. Drakken, and many other mad scientists and world conquerors.

    Kim Possible is a human who has no known superpowers. However, she is a phenomenal athlete who uses her cheerleading skills to save many lives. She also mentions in the episode "Hidden Talents", that she knows "16 styles of kung fu", making her one of Disney's most skilled fighters. Kim is so skillful at kung fu that she has matched Yori's skills. Kim Possible is a straight "A" student, and she has been known to solve mysteries before Wade and even her own father. Kim is very adaptive when it come to fighting. She is a strategist and has detective skills. Kim has tremendous stamina and hand-to-hand combat skills when she was fighting against Shego. Kim was able to perform Brain Surgery and she is also a quick thinker when it comes to problem solving. Kim was able to learn how to drive in a short amount of time. . She is also skilled with Skiing, skateboarding, and scuba diving. Before her graduation, Kim was able to receive offers from every high institute from the world.

    Weapons & Equipment



    The Kimmunicator is the portable computing video-phone that was created by Wade. On top of video communication, the Kimmunicator can be used for a variety of tasks. These include scanning, camera, frequency jamming, and it can move on its own, as controlled by Wade, if left behind. The power source is a trilithium power cell that Wade also developed.

    The Kimmunicator was later redesigned to be a more compact wrist-watch design.

    Battle Suit

    Kim's "Super Suit" from "So The Drama".

    Kim Possible first used the "Super Suit" in the movie "So The Drama", this suit is able to enhance her human feats, and increase her speed, and strength, she used this suit to over-power the super-villain known as Shego. This suit can also catch and throw energy blasts, as well as regenerating.

    Kim Possible has also been in a cybernetic battle suit, which also increases strength and speed, however, the suit has a jet pack which enables flight, and even quicker charges. It is armed with very strong weapons, and even Shego could only scratch the armor. This armor was triggered by Kim's stress, and it was revealed that Kim Possible is more stressed when lying, than when fighting. This suit can also regenerate.

    Rocket Shoes: She has Rocket Shoes. She can simply activate with a push of a button.

    Other Media


    • Kim Possible: So the Drama
    • Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time

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