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    Character » Kim Pine appears in 13 issues.

    A high school friend of Scott Pilgrim and drummer of his band Sex Bob-omb. Kim is very sarcastic and often seems annoyed by Scott.

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    So Far in Scott Pilgrim

    Kim can be described as Scott Pilgrim's first girlfriend who he saved from Simon Lee during high school. The relationship between her and Scott ended when he and his family moved to Toronto. Since, she moved to Toronto and meet up with a much changed Scott and became the drummer of his new band Sex Bob-omb (she was the drummer of his band back in high school Sonic & Knuckles). She is employed at the No-Account video and became a room mate to her co-worker Hollie, which ended when in Vol. 5 she revealed to Scott that she was moving back up Northern Ontario. When she departed she hardly confirmed if she were to come back, he ambiguously apologized for his actions.


    Kim is always annoyed at Scott's actions and when someone talks about his previous/ current girlfriend she seems uncomfortable (Neil, and Stephen brought up Envy on some accounts wear she shrunk back and remarked on how pretty she was or when Ramona mentioned her she told her she was the cause of his change, also when bringing up Knives she would bring up a sarcastic remark about how brief the relationship between Scott and her.). She herself revealed to Ramona Flowers that she does not like to disclose to people that she and Scott had previously dated. Also, it was seen in a dream sequence (which she may have often) that Simon Lee had killed Scott and at his funeral where (it can be assumed) all his past girlfriends were present. She had also had a relationship with a friend named Jason Kim (Scott finds it humorous-Jason Kim & Kim Pine- several times). In addition, while celebrating Julie Powers birthday Scott found a drunk Kim and Knives making out- though it does not seem that she is in fact lesbian contrary to Scott's thinking. It should be noted she shows a strong disliking for many people especially her old room mates.

    Other Media

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Movie - In the movie Kim Pine is played by Alison Pill. Kim Pine has a relatively minor role in the movie only being involved in the band parts of the story or where a snide remark is needed. When Sex Bob-Omb is scouted by G-Man (Gideon), Kim signs the band up along with Stephen Stills and Young Neil replacing Scott. They end up playing the Chaos Theatre when Scott breaks in the defeat Gideon. The first run down the band has no real opinion about the fight since they have sold out, but after Scott's extra life run through the band cheers him on with the song which Kim starts by saying "WE ARE SEX BOB-BOMB AND WERE HERE TO WATCH SCOTT PILGRIM KICK YOUR TEETH IN. ONE, TWO THREE, FOUR."

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Kim Pine is one of the four initial playable characters in the game. Her assist with Knives has Knives come out to kiss Kim to regain some health and freak out the enemies on screen. Kim exists levels via a a smiling star in a nod to the Kirby games.Her ending depicts her getting into a relationship with Knives Chau to the bewilderment of Scott and Stephen. In Scotts ending Kim becomes Scott's girlfriend along with Envy Adams and Knives Chau once Ramona dumps him. In Stephen Stills ending Kim and the rest of the band hit it big though this is implied to be a dream. In Negascott's ending Kim becomes a slave alongside the rest of the cast to Negascott. In Knives ending she is one of the spectators to Knives' and Scott's wedding.


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