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    Killspeed is the most recent Speedster, gaining her powers from the Speed Force Storm, though using her powers for her own personal gain away from Central City.

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    Killspeed was created by Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Didio, and Justin Jordan as part of the New Age of Heroes initiative, first appearing in Sideways #2 (2018). Killspeed gained her powers through the recent Speed Force Storm that was seen in the pages of Flash.

    Killspeed is a young woman from Central City with leukemia, her drug treatment plan kept the caner at bay until her insurance couldn’t cover her anymore. During the day of the Speedforce Storm the lightning struck her granting the abilities to help the needy which included herself. The speedforce accelerates her metabolism, letting her move and think faster but cause the cancer to spread quicker. By the time Killspeed accumulated enough money for her treatment the cancer had progress to far.

    After getting shot by a cop, Killspeed was taken to Gotham General Hospital which had previously denied her treatment. Enraged Killspeed created an indoor wind current, injuring the staff and patients. There she encountered Sideways who were receiving treatment for a broken arm. Derek teleported them out the hospital to the city, causing a fight which resulted with Sideways accidentally severing her arm.

    Her name, Killspeed, comes from the fact that her speed powers are seemingly killing her, which is why she was trying to get help in the hospital.

    Powers and Abilities

    Due to her exposure to the Speed Force Storm, she was granted abilities similar to a speedster, with displays of a level of mastery over them.

    Super Speed

    Being a speedster, Killspeed has the primary ability to run faster by tapping into the speed force.

    Her upper limits for speed has yet to be explored, but she has been seen fast enough to go from one side of the room to the other and being able to take a syringe out of the doctors hand before he could even react.

    She stated that her speed powers are actually killing her, which is why she has been seeking out help.

    Superhuman Healing

    Being a speedster connected to the speed force, she is granted many side-effect abilities, such as being able to heal faster than the normal person. In her first appearance, she was seen to be shot in the shoulder and losing blood fast to being completely healed and able to fight.

    Her limits for healing, and how severe the injury could be, have yet to be explored.

    Wind Bursts

    Like most people involved in the Speed Force Storm, she was granted a secondary power, which is her ability to create wind bursts that have been described to be as strong as a tornado by Helena Flynn. She is able to move her body fast enough to produce these wind bursts that can physically harm people around her.


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