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    Charlie Watkins is from an alternate future which is ruled by the despot Lord Chaos. He joined the Team Titans who traveled back in time to stop Lord Chaos from ever being born. He was among those erased during the events of Zero Hour.

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    I'm not from this age: Future origin

    The origin of Killowat starts 10 years into the future. In this timeline the villain known as Lord Chaos reigns the world with tyranny.  Battalion is the second in command of a team named " Team Titans". This Titans were created to defeat Lord Chaos and restore the peace and freedom of the world. This timeline was proven false.

     Charlie Watkins
     Charlie Watkins

    Charlie Watkins was once a young man who desired to join the Force Elite of Lord Chaos more than anything in the world. A reason behind this was that Charlie Watkins considered Lord Chaos a divine being and that serving him would be the greatest honor someone could have.  Thanks to a lot of training he would become part of the Force Elite of Lord Chaos making his dream come true.

    However Charlie's point of view about Lord Chaos would quickly start to change when he started to realize the true nature of Lord Chaos. Charlie decided to betray his master by approaching the clandestine group known as the Team Titans to offer them the possibility to use him as a double agent against Lord Chaos.

     Lord Chaos the Tyrant
     Lord Chaos the Tyrant

    And for the next few months Charlie would serve as the spy for the Team Titans until one dark day. when it was discovered that Charlie had been working as a double agent against Lord Chaos.  Falling into one of the energy converters, Charlie should have died.  Instead, he was transformed him into a being that could control and create electricity.

    The transformation made Charlie Watkins become the superhero that would be known as Killowat. It was also that day that the member of the Team Titans known as Silver Shield died, leaving an empty slot in the team.  Killowat would ask membership into the team to fill that space in the Silver Shield's honor.

    Back to the past

    One day the leader of the Team Titans decided to make one risky and dangerous mission; to travel 10 years into the past and kill Donna Troy in an attempt to prevent her son, the future Lord Chaos from being born.  The first part of the mission was successful and the Team Titans were able to go back to the past before Donna Troy gave birth to Robert Long.

    However, when the Team Titans tried to kill Donna Troy; they encountered the current day team of Titans and were forced into combat against them.  However before the Team Titans could kill Donna Troy; she gave birth to her son but both the present and future Titans were able to both stop the future of Lord Chaos from coming about and preventing the death of Donna Troy.

    We did it...Now What?

    After the mission was accomplished the Team Titans were trapped into the past, with no way to return home. Without any options they decided that they would stay on that era until they could find a way to go back. In an ironic twist they accepted the offer of Donna Troy to live in her farmhouse in New Jersey. After that they decided to investigate this timeline and find where they belonged in it.

    Killowat started to investigate anything that could help him to find out about his presence in this timeline or from his family. He found his aunt and uncle, however something didn't fit, because the two of them were African-American while Charlie Watkins was white. This made Killowat wonder about his origin ten years into the future.

    Time passed and Killowat fell in love with Mirage who was in love with Deathwing. This made Kilowat's already troubled life even more dificult.

    Erased from history

    Soon after this the crisis of time known as Zero Hour started, changing the Team Titans in a way that no one could have forseen.

    In this time crisis was revealed that the real leader of the Team Titans was the being known as Monarch (Previously known as Hawk). The Team Titans were actually being that were from a false future created by Monarch, who wanted to have sleeper agents that would serve him as assassins in order to help him to rule the entire timeline. That future also had another purpose. It would help Monach to train young metahumans and have a bigger and more powerful army against the heroes of all generations.

    Monarch (now as Extant) absorbed the power of Waverider and used it to take adventage of the incoming time crisis. Using the army that he created, along with the Team Titans, he attacked the world's heroes who wanted to stop the time crisis.

    However the plan of Extant was unsuccessful and the Team Titans were defeated by the Earth's heroes. At the same moment, time started to collapse. This made all the parallel and false timelines erased from existence. As another result the Team Titans were erased from history and disappeared. The only three Team Titans members that weren't eased were Terra II, Mirage, and Deathwing because it was revealed that they were from the present timeline and that Extant had taken them from there, erasing their memories to make them part of his army. Killowat didn't have the same luck and suffered the same fate as the other members; erased from history, no one would remember him because he never truly existed.

    It hasn't been stated if a Killowat from the present will appear in the DCU, and only time will tell.

    Powers and Abilities

    Killowat is able to generate and control electricity.  He can also fly at the speed of lightning.

    Other Media


    Killowat is the only member of the Team Titans that has appeared in another media besides the comics. A version of Killowat made several brief appearances in the animated Teen Titans series, although his name is sometimes referenced as "Killowatt".  Almost nothing was revealed about his character or history although his powers appears similar to his comic book version.  It has been noted that visually, the animated version appears very similar to a Japanese hero known as Inazuman. 

     Electric Hero
     Electric Hero

    Killowat appeared in the fifth season episodes of the Teen Titans voiced by Yuri Lowenthal(has not spoken at all). He first makes cameo appearances in "Homecoming Part 2" on Brotherhood's computer screen and "Lightspeed" on H.I.V.E. Five's computer screen. He first full appearance in "Calling All Titans" became a target for the Brotherhood of Evil and attacked by Control Freak and Puppet King. Killowat was added as a flash-frozen trophy into the Brotherhood's victory collection inside their base. In "Titans Together" when the remaining Titans under Beast Boy's leadership attacked the Brotherhood's base, Más y Menos managed to unfreeze the Titans already captured and Killowat joined the fight and absorbing Overload's electric body, leaving only his heartpiece, the circuit card. Following their victory, he socialized with his fellow Titans in Titans Tower and later participated in the recapture of Doctor Light.


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