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Killer Wasp was a member of the Injustice Society. In a raid of the Justice Society headquarters, he gets into a fight with Wildcat. During the fight, and afterwards in prison, he reveals his past to Wildcat. Killer Wasp is the son of Yellow Wasp. Yellow Wasp experimented on him, giving Killer Wasp his powers and appearance. However, Wildcat's kidnapped son, Jake, was always Yellow Wasp's favorite. Killer Wasp killed them both, and now holds a grudge against Wildcat.

Killer Wasp later joined a new incarnation of the Injustice Society, again led by Johnny Sorrow. However, Wasp was sacrificed to summon the King of Tears.


Killer Wasp was seen being incarcerated during Flashpoint. He was de-powered by Amazo before getting a power nullifying collar put on.

Powers and Abilities

Killer Wasp is able to fire energy blasts from his hands. He also has the ability of flight, and is a competent hand-to-hand fighter.

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