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    Drury Walker, the Killer Moth, is the original "anti-batman" who has a central theme of moths. Killer Moth is usually depicted as a joke villain but has posed an actual threat on several occasions.

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    Being Inspired by Batman's crusade, Prisoner #234026 decided that the criminals of Gotham City need a guardian of their own. Creating the persona of wealthy socialite Cameron Van Cleer, he then made the alias of Killer Moth and designed tech based around the winged-insects of his namesake. For a price, Killer Moth guaranteed to protect Gotham City's criminals from capture.

    Eventually, Killer Moth found himself in conflict with the very man he had tried to emulate - Batman, starting a long-running conflict between the two.


    Killer Moth's first appearance was in Batman #63 and was created by Bill Finger, Dick Sprang and Lew Schwartz.

    Character Evolution

    Pre-Crisis and Silver Age

    Killer Moth
    Killer Moth

    Several months later, Killer Moth returned, his reputation as a guardian for Gotham's underworld totally ruined by his defeat at Batman's hands. Determined to take revenge, Killer Moth once again confronted the Dark Knight Detective and was again beaten. In the course of this encounter, Batman discovered that KM was actually Van Cleer, and he permanently destroyed the costumed criminal's secret identity.

    Months later, Killer Moth escaped from prison. Having decided to assume a new secret identity by kidnapping and impersonating a wealthy and influential Gotham citizen. Killer Moth also invented the alias Laszlo Furlenbach in order to serve as a liaison between him and other criminals thereby eliminating any chance of being implicated should any criminals "drop a dime" on him. Killer Moth captured Bruce Wayne and was astonished to discover that Wayne was Batman's secret identity. Wayne escaped capture and tracked down Killer Moth just in time to see him being gunned down by a former crony who erroneously believed that Killer Moth had doubled crossed him. A bullet lodged in Killer Moth's head, needing surgery that would remove the part of the brain where recent memories are stored. Thus Killer Moth forgot all about Batman's secret.

    Years later, having no memory of their prior encounter, Killer Moth again tried to kidnap Bruce Wayne but was thwarted by the intervention of Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. As a result of this, Barbara became Batgirl. Killer Moth has confronted Batman a number of times since then, but on each occasion has ended up back in jail.

    Post-Crisis and Modern Age

    During this period, Killer Moth was revealed to be Drury Walker, using the false name Cameron Van Cleer. He forms the Misfits with Catman and Calendar Man. This version of Killer Moth is much more violent and poses more of a serious threat to Gotham than previous incarnations but is ultimately treated as a joke.

    During Underworld Unleashed he sells his soul to Neron, becoming the monster Charaxes. This incarnation is much more of an actual threat than previously as he now possesses great strength. He was later ripped in half by Superman-Prime and presumed, again, to be deceased.

    Several more villains using the moniker of "Killer Moth" have appeared since Drury Walker's death but all of them have only made a few appearances with Drury Walker returning to the role.

    New 52

    In The New 52, Killer Moth is seen during the Gotham City blackout attempting to kidnap and ransom Moira Queen. It is unknown whether this Killer Moth is Drury Walker or someone else as his origin was unrevealed.

    DC Rebirth

    Killer Moth has had yet another costume change in DC Rebirth and appears to be more of an assassin for hire type character. Killer Moth is later seen wearing his original costume once again. This Killer Moth is sick of being treated like a joke and manages to get bigger-league villains (Mr. Zsasz, Ratcatcher, Firefly and Solomon Grundy) to work for him.

    Major Story Arcs

    Killer Moth as appeared in such arcs as Batman's "Testimony of Luthor", Detective Comic's "Dead Reckoning", and Batgirl's "Year One."

    Equipment and Weapons

    As he has no special-abilities, Killer Moth relies on his technology instead. Some of his most notable tech includes:

    In the New 52, Killer Moth possesses an air pistol which fires compressed air powerful enough to stop bullets mid-air.

    Powers and Abilities

    Killer Moth has no super-powers and relies on his tech to help get the work done.

    As Charaxes he obtains superhuman strength as well as a protective exoskeleton. He also has wings, which allow him to fly, and can secrete an acidic substance that traps his victims and dissolves their bodies.

    Other Media

    Live Action Appearances


    Killer Moth first appeared in the live-action 1960's Batman TV show, played by Tim Herbert. He was the first villain Batgirl fought, although the episode never aired.

    Animated Appearances

    Teen Titans

    Killer Moth in Teen Titans
    Killer Moth in Teen Titans

    Killer Moth appeared in two episodes of Teen Titans as a criminal who used mutated moths to commit crimes, and was comically undercut by his demanding daughter, Kitten. He was played by Thomas Haden in his first appearance, "Date With Destiny", and by Marc Worden in his second appearance, "Can I Keep Him?"

    The Batman

    He appeared in The Batman episode "Team Penguin" as a wannabe super villain who joined Penguin's team as a lackey. He was transformed into a moth monster by unstable chemicals that he was transporting for the team. He was portrayed by Jeff Bennett.

    Batman: the Brave and the Bold

    In the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "The Last Patrol", he appeared, sharing many of the characteristics of his original Silver Age character. He was played by Corey Burton.

    Teen Titans Go!

    Drury Walker plans to mutate Silkie, Starfire's pet, in the Teen Titans Go! episode "Missing". Here he is voiced by Scott Menville.

    Batman: Bad Blood

    Killer Moth is portrayed as one of Talia al Ghul's henchmen in Batman: Bad Blood. He regularly teams up with Firefly and is killed when hit by a falling boulder. He is voiced by Jason Spisak.

    The LEGO Batman Movie

    Killer Moth is one of the many villains who ally themselves with the Joker. He has no speaking-lines.

    Video Games

    Batman NES

    Killer Moth appeared as a boss in Batman NES .

    LEGO Batman: The Video Game

    Killer Moth appears in LEGO Batman where he is voiced by Steven Blum. In the game, he is an ally of the Joker.

    LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    Walker appears as an optional boss and playable character in the sequel of the original LEGO Batman game. He is voiced by Joseph Balderrama.

    LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    Killer Moth is voiced by Christopher Cory Smith and is a playable character in the 3rd LEGO Batman game.

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Although he doesn't appear directly, he's featured in one of The Riddler's many riddles. A half cocooned corpse (One of Killer Moth's victims) can be seen hanging in a corner of the Aviary. His bio reveals it to be Drury Walker.

    Batman: Arkham Knight

    Killer Moth is hinted at having been killed by Red Hood in the final Arkham game.


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