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This article is about the second person to use the name Killer Frost, Louise Lincoln. For the original Killer Frost, see Crystal Frost. For the current Killer Frost, see Caitlin Snow.


Dr Louise Lincoln was working in a lab in New Jersey when she was approached by her college friend and mentor Crystal Frost, who had some time previously been involved in an accident that turned her into Killer Frost. Lincoln discovered that Frost was dying because of her powers. Following their encounter and Frost's death, Lincoln became obsessed with seeking revenge against the person she blamed for her death- Firestorm. To this end she recreated the accident that gave Frost her powers, becoming the new Killer Frost.


Louise Lincoln was created by Al Milgrom and Gerry Conway. She made her first appearance in The Fury of Firestorm #21.

Major Story Arcs


Killer Frost repeatedly targets Firestorm, and is imprisoned in the Institute for Metahuman Studies, where she is the subject of Simon LaGrieve's research. During her time in the Institute she successfully escapes several times, and it is also discovered that her powers are actually due to a sentient virus.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Killer Frost is amongst those summoned to assist the Monitor. She is rescued from prison by Firestorm at the insistence of Harbinger. Initially resistant, she is manipulated into falling in love with Firestorm by the Psycho Pirate. She travels with Firestorm to Earth-2, where they defeat shadow demons. Later she helps fight the time-displaced dinosaur, during which Psycho Pirate's spell wears off. They part ways soon after, and she joins forces with the villain contingent, taking control of Earth-S. She survives the Crisis unscathed and unchanged.

Underworld Unleashed

Killer Frost sells her soul to Neron in exchange for more power, and is sent to Hawaii. There she attacks and successfully freezes part of the islands. She is attacked and defeated by Superboy and Knockout and imprisoned for some time.

Suicide Squad

Killer Frost is recruited by a new incarnation of the Suicide Squad, and successfully fights for the team on a number of missions, including the mission on Kooey Kooey Kooey. She parts ways with the team following its dissolution.

Public Enemies

Killer Frost joins forces with four other ice-based villains in order to claim the bounty on Superman's head that has been issued by President Lex Luthor. She is defeated by the heroes in both waves of attack. It is later discovered that she and her team were mentally controlled by Gorilla Grodd.

One Year Later

Killer Frost joins forces with Mr Freeze, and the pair go on a killing spree together. As planned, this draws Firestorm to them, and she teleports herself and the hero into space, planning to absorb the heat of the sun. She is defeated by Firestorm, and she and Freeze are taken into custody by Batman. She angrily severs ties with Freeze.

Injustice League Unlimited

She joins the Injustice League, and with several other villains ambushes a group of heroes. She successfully freezes Red Tornado. Later, she is defeated by Wonder Woman.

Salvation Run

Killer Frost is in the second wave of villains who are captured and sent to the planet Salvation. During her time on the planet she vacillates between Team Lex and Team Joker. She joins in the fight against the Parademons when they attack, and escapes the planet alongside the other villains through Luthor's teleporter.


Killer Frost is among the villains who pursue the Secret Six in an effort to retrieve the Get Out of Hell Free Card and collect the bounty on the Six's heads. She is among the villains who deliver the killing blow to Junior and Tarantula.

Alternate Versions

DC Super Friends

Killer Frost appears as a member of the Ice Pack, an ice-themed group of villains.

Justice League Unlimited

Killer Frost appears alongside her love interest Heat Wave in this comic book adaptation of the television series of the same name.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Killer Frost appears as an escaped prisoner who later joins forces with Bane to become one of the villain members of Superman's Regime.

Powers and Abilities

Killer Frost has the power of thermokinetic cryokinesis. She is able to absorb heat and transmute it to extreme cold temperatures, which manifests in the generation of ice structures of various sizes and freezing gusts of wind. She can use this power to create ice surfaces upon which she may slide, and also to create weaponry or defensive structures. She can also reduce the temperature of a person's body until they freeze to death. She is an intelligent and skilled scientist.

Other Media


Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

In Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
In Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Killer Frost appears as one of the ice-based villains who attempt to claim the bounty on Superman. She is ultimately defeated. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Batman: Assault on Arkham

Killer Frost appears as one of the ensemble protagonists and a member of the Suicide Squad in this animated film. Jennifer Hale reprises the role.


Justice League

In the DCAU
In the DCAU

A version of Killer Frost presumed to be Louise Lincoln appears as an antagonist and one of the members of the titular group in "Secret Society, Part I" and "Secret Society, Part II." She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Justice League Unlimited

The version of Killer Frost from the preceding series appears again as an antagonist, making her first appearance in "To Another Shore." Jennifer Hale reprises the role.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Killer Frost appears in the episode "Darkseid Descending!" as Firestorm's vengeful ex-girlfriend. The role is reprised by Jennifer Hale.

Video Games

Justice League Heroes

A version of the character presumed to be Louise Lincoln appears as a minor antagonist and playable character in this game. She is voiced by Nika Futterman.

DC Universe Online

Killer Frost appears as bounty in the hero campaign, and as a supporting character in the Gotham Tap Room and in the "Smallville Alert" in the villain campaign. She is voiced by Christina J Moore.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Killer Frost is a playable character, and in the alternate reality a member of Superman's Regime. Jennifer Hale reprises the role.


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