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Killg%re is a virus. The first time Kilg%re appeared was in The Flash #3. Killg%re has the ability to take control of anything that is electrical. Killg%re took over the worlds computer system. The virus was able to appear on every computer in the world. Killg%re is a virus so there is no real image of him just fake images of other people. The Kil%re killed the scientist that was supposed to help Flash run faster. The dome that Kilg%re was first inhabited in had a cloning chamber. The Kilg%re cloned the scientist and took control over him. The Killg%re had prepared the scientist to receive its mind in case it was forced out of the system. Flash consulted with Cyborg to try and shut down the worlds power to try and kill Killg%re. This was successful. After that they found the clone of the scientist. If the Killg%re had been able to reach the clone it might have been able to hide itself until it could once again enter the system.

When the JLI was investigating reports of a rampage by The Construct, they encountered a sentient computer program, apparently created by Metron. This program took control of Metron's chair and opened a Boom Tube to New Genesis. Once there it took control of most of the planets technology and referred to itself as "Kilg%re." It is unclear if this is the same entity that the Flash encountered.

Recently, Kilg%re took on a more humanoid appearance and joined a small cabal with the Calculator and a zombified Gizmo.

Powers and Abilities

Control of computers.


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