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    Kidpool is a younger version of Deadpool from an alternative dimension but shares the same... quirks as the original.

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    Kidpool attends the Xavier Orphanage for Troubled Boys. Wade is a newer student at the orphanage and is not very popular with the other students or teachers. Wade is seen as more of a nuisance than a student. He is said to be showing severe anti-social tendencies.

    Prelude to Deadpool Corps 02
    Prelude to Deadpool Corps 02

    The Orphanage is on the eve of its first dance and Storm (the dean) and Professor Xavier want everything to go perfectly but they fear their new student, Wade, will cause trouble and leave a bad impression of the school in the eyes of Emma Frost, the dean of the other school. In an attempt to prevent Wade from causing trouble Xavier and Storm planned on giving Wade detention in the Danger Room. Due to Wade being...well, Deadpool in a smaller package, he was constantly in trouble and freaking people out. His latest debacle resulted in mini Scott Summers getting an atomic wedgie that resulted in ripped boxers for Scott and both getting sent to Storm's office. She sentences both of them to detention in the Danger Room and bans them from attending the dance. Not even Scott could brown nose his way out of their punishment. While in the Danger Room, Wade eggs Scott on to turn the combat mode on, since he had the access codes. Kidpool arms himself with two light sabers and the two brawl until Wade realizes they can get out of detention because Scott has the codes. Wade convinces him into letting them out by saying his girlfriend was getting cozy with mini Wolverine (hilarious). At the dance Wade gets his first taste of mercenary work...sort of. Scott pays him 20 dollars to distract everyone so he can get Jean away from Wolverine. He uses his stolen light sabers and starts destroying the food and drink table. Wolverine, Angel and Colossus start fighting Wade but it becomes a full scale riot. Eventually everyone starts revealing how much they don't like Wade and Xavier only keeps him around for the stimulus money. Right as Kidpool starts to yell and leave, the original Deadpool appears out of a dimensional doorway. Deadpool proclaims he need Wade Wilson to help save the multi-verse. Since they share the same name Deadpool decides to call him Tito. He is next seen in the 616 dimension playing guitar hero with Lady Deadpool as Deadpool arrived with the newest Deadpool Corps recruit Dogpool.

    Powers and Abilities

    Kidpool possesses phenomenal hand to hand combat skills and weaponry skills; so far he has only used two light sabers stolen from the Danger Room. It can only be assumed he can heal like the other Deadpool's. He also possesses the same powers as Deadpool, (but probably to a lower degree since he is still a child) :

    • He's an expert in both close and ranged combat weaponry.
    • He has a limited immunity to telepathy due to his constantly fluctuating brain cells
    • Olympic-level strength, speed, stamina, and agility.
    • Deadpool is fluent in several languages, including English, French, Japanese, and Spanish.
    • Deadpool also has had several personal transportation devices
    • Deadpool has an ability often referred to as "bottomless satchel", where he can pull guns, explosives, food (usually Hic. brand beer cans) and ammunition, out of no where (usually by reaching into one of his pockets, often times pulling out something that was bigger then the pocket itself).
    • Deadpool has a very strong healing factor obtained from Wolverine. This healing factor healed him completely from cancer, and grants him the ability to heal any injury within seconds, more complex injuries can take longer. He can even re-grow lost limbs and organs.
    • He is one of the few people with enough skill to handle Captain America's shield.
    • His unpredictable fighting style can be advantageous against the likes of Taskmaster, as Taskmaster learns the moves of others using his advanced memory and learns strengths and weaknesses based upon past experience.

    Seen only in costume but the few shots of his forearms seem scar free so he may not be able to regenerate, yet. He also breaks the fourth wall (makes fun of mini Scotts dialogue). He also talks to himself and the random voices in his head.


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