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    Kiden is a 16 year old girl from Alphabet City, a Manhattan neighborhood. After witnessing her father being murdered as a child, her family falls apart, and she delves into drugs.

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    Kiden was a young girl who's policeman father was killed right before her eyes. This caused her enormous trauma of course. She has a mother and brother with whom she lived afterwards.


    Kiden was created by Joe Quesada and Joshua Middleton and first appeared in NYX issue 1 (2003).

    Major Story Arcs

    Into the Fray

    Kiden's adventure practically starts at a rave. Shes with her friend Kara and is sitting in a toilet cubicle about to drop ecstasy. While everyone else is out having a good time, she recalls the events of her fathers shootings. Eventually she takes her ecstasy tablet and dances about with Kara.

    The next morning her alarm goes off. Its a school day and Kiden is having a hangover. Her mum asks what she was doing all night and Kiden said she was studying. Her mum sees through her lie and has a go at Kiden. Kiden walks off and sees her brothers who all have a go at her. In the kitchen her mum apologizes and goes out. Kiden goes through her bag to see if she has any smokes but she doesn't.

    Kiden goes to school and drops off at Nino's shop. He always lets her have free stuff as her deceased dad was Nino's best mate. Kiden says that she saw a man sneak a magazine into his shirt. While Nino confronts the man Kiden jacks some smokes and walks off.

    Arriving at school, Kiden and Kara were sitting in a tennis court where Hector and some boys were bullying another boy. When the boy left Hector threw the tennis ball at Kiden's breasts and said that she was a dirty smoker. She blew smoke in his face and a fight was imminent. It ended when a teacher, Cameron Palmer, calmed it down after Kiden ripped out Hectors earring. Walking into school, Hector told Kiden that she was so dead.

    Leaving the classroom, Kara is scared that Hector will get a load of his mates to come and kill them. Kiden thought she was just paranoid but Kara was right. As a fight began some girls began to beat up Kara and she peed herself. Kiden was extremely annoyed, not about what was happening to her but what was happening to Kara. She screamed "STOP IT!" and suddenly, time stopped. During this brief period, she was free and away from harm. She told Hector he wasn't so tough and touched his arm. Time stopped and Hectors arm broke.

    The next morning, Kiden's older brother Tyler begins having a go at Kiden about what had happened the day before with Hectors arm and all that. She told him to leave her alone. While gulping down some milk, Elizabeth (their mum) confronts Tyler about the contents of a bag she found under his bed, presumably while cleaning. She knew it was heroin but Tyler didn't admit it. She walked into the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet. Tyler screamed at her that she had 'signed his death warrant'. Kiden intervened having a go and saying she wanted her family to be normal for 5 minutes and then walked out and off to school.

    In school Kiden is called to the Headmasters office. Her teacher, Cameron believes that Kiden is a good girl and was innocent. Her headteacher said she should do a drug test. Kiden managed to wiggle her way out of it and left. Cameron went after her to ask her a question. Kiden saw Hector who had bribed a security guard to let him bring a gun into school. He shot at Kiden who screamed "STOP IT!" and the bullet very slowly flew past her. Accidentally touching Hectors ear lobe, Kiden reverts time to its normal flow as Hector falls over and the bullet flies into Kiden's teacher, Cameron.

    Kiden relaxed
    Kiden relaxed

    We come back to the story, months in the future. Cameron is emotionally and physically scarred from the shooting and this is shown as her flat is a mess. Her husband also left her as he didn't have the patience to help her through the incident. The headmaster came to visit her asking if she wanted to come back to work but all Cameron cared about were Kiden's whereabouts. However nobody knew where Kiden was (she had been living on the streets with a group of people and mastering her powers). When the headmaster left he knocked a photo frame off of the wall and it smashed making a sound like a bullet being fired. It made Cameron bend over in fear, screaming at the man to go away.

    Later that night, a shadowy figure walked into Cameron's flat. It was Kiden, who saw an empty bottle of Vicodin on the floor. Knowing Cameron could be in great danger, Kiden ran into the bathroom, finding Cameron bleeding in her tub. She phoned an ambulance and went with Cameron to the hospital.

    Eventually Cameron recovers and Kiden explains about seeing her dead father's spirit. She said that he kept telling her to go to Cameron's rescue. She also told Cameron she was a mutant but Cameron thought she was just a bit messed up with everything that was going on. She told Kiden she could spent one night at her flat but would have to be gone before dawn.

    Kiden is awoken in the night by her father's spirit telling her to go to a hotel room. Kiden wrote down the location on paper and the ink bleeds through a few sheets. Cameron woke up to see where Kiden was headed and went after her.

    When Cameron and Kiden arrived at the location, they see a dead man lying on the floor and X-23 (then a prostitute) on the bed slitting her wrists with her claws. X-23 is on the run from a gang of people who are taking advantage of her for money. They are led by Zebra Daddy. (Kiden's brother also works for him, but only in drug trading, not in the prostitution ring)

    When they go back to Cameron's flat, they are attacked by the gang and narrowly escape.

    While on the run Kiden, Cam, and X-23 meet a young girl named Tatiana (later Catiana) who's powers manifested during class.

    In a later confrontation with the gang, X-23 was shot badly and Cameron fell out of her apartment window. Somehow these events allowed Kiden to notice that it was Zebra Daddy who killed her father and made life Hell. She slowed down time and, resisting the urge to punch him, instead saved Cameron while X-23 killed Daddy.

    Along the way they met Bobby Soul, an ex-worker for Zebra Daddy. He lives with his brother and after the fight, they headed back to his flat. Kiden's dad was there, and appeared to be alive, as he could press buttons on the TV. He said "company will be round soon" to Lil Bro (Bobby's brother) and disappeared, making Lil' Bro cry.

    Kiden sent a message to her mother, but she moved out, and left just as the mail got to her door.

    Kiden kept her powers after M-day and joined the 198.

    In Cable/X-Force Messiah complex Stryfe used Kiden to stop X-Force returning to the present and also stop Cable from time-traveling. She had to be shot by Domino so X-Force didn't die in the future.


    Kiden Nixon in
    Kiden Nixon in "no time"

    Kiden is a mutant who can dispatch herself into a faster time-stream. She doesn't tire or require food in this state and can spend months in what she terms "no time", while only a few days or more have passed in real time.

    The power is usually verbally activated, when Kiden says "stop," However, she is capable of exerting this power by sheer will alone. Sometimes, under stress, it happens without her control. In the original NYX, the only way Kiden knows how to return to the normal timestream is to make skin-to-skin contact with another person. However, it is apparent that she must be careful when she does this as the person she touches will be affected by the relative velocity and inertia that she exerts on them. For example, when she first exits her time-stream, she pokes Hector on the arm with her finger, only to break his arm. In the second series she is shown entering and exiting "no time" at will.

    Kiden recently found out that she can bring other people into "no time" as long as she maintains physical contact with the person, however it is exhausting for her to do so repetitively.

    Other Media


    X-men: Battle of the Atom

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom
    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    Victoria is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

    • [Age of Stryfe] Kiden Nixon

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