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    Kid Thor is a superhero who works for Capes Incorporated. He has worked with other heroes such as The Astounding Wolf-Man, and Invincible.

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    In Norse times a blacksmith from Scandinavian was visited by the thunder god Thor after his hammer Mjolnir was misplaced and asked if the blacksmith could build him a new one until Mjolnir was found. The hammer impressed Thor so much that he enchanted the new hammer and returned to the blacksmith so that only he and his future relatives could use it. The hammer was passed on from generation to generation until it found its way to Kid Thor, which he uses to fight crime with Capes, Inc.

    Invincible War:

    Kid Thor, along with other Capes members, answered the call when versions of Invincible from other dimensions attacked the planet. Once he and the other Capes members found the original Invincible, they teamed up and started to thin out the chaos that was happening to the planet. After the war ended, Kid Thor, along with the other super hero teams, Capes, and Youngblood, helped with the clean up job. When Invincible was attacked by the villain known as Powerplex, Kid Thor rushed to save him, but was stopped by his teammate, as Youngblood was already helping with the situation.


    Kid Thor is one of the superheroes caught in a fight against one of Robot's latest model of drones when Robot initiated his assassination of the threats to his attempts in creating a "utopia" alongside Knockout, Pegasus & Yeti. Kid Thor's hand was destroyed and is killed soon afterwards by a blast from Robot before being revived by Knockout who placed Kid Thor's hammer onto his corpse. After the initial shock of seeing his injured hand, Kid Thor attempts to attack Robot in retaliation after seeing Robot kill Knockout by cutting her head in half. Robot catches Kid Thor's hammer and destroys it. Kid Thor is presumed to be killed in the explosion afterwards while Pegasus and Yeti escaped the site of battle.

    Powers and Abilities

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    Kid Thor's enchanted hammer lets him combat foes that are bigger than him because of its size and can only be wielded up by him. The Hammer revealed that it could resurrect Kid Thor if he died.


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