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    Character » Kid Terror appears in 137 issues.

    Tim Roland was Bob Benton's assistant and gained the same powers as the Black Terror. After the death of his body, his brain was transplanted into an android body.

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    Current Events

    Black Terror is a part of Dynamic Entertainment, and sometimes appears in comic books. His most recent appearance is in Project Superpowers.


    When Tim Roland, pharmaceutical assistant to Bob Benton, accidentally adds formic acid to an experiment Benton is working on, this causes formic ethers that give Benton super strength and invulnerability. After the accident Bob sent Tim to get a costume and then became the Black Terror. Tim picked up a smaller matching costume, unknown to Benton.

    When Tim learned of a plot to crash a subway train, Benton went to prevent the crash. Tim, thinking the Black Terror may need help, reproduced the experiment and developed the same powers as the Black Terror. Tim showed up in the nick of time and the crash was prevented. Together known as the Terror Twins, went on to fight threats both domestic and foreign throughout World War II.

    Tim Roland is the sidekick of Black Terror, and appeared mostly in propaganda Exciting Comics.

    Powers & Abilities

    Like many Dynamic Entertainment heroes, Kid Terror possesses enhanced strength, durability, and agility. He is also an adept fighter.


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