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Flynn was the only daughter of the League of Seven speedsters Speed and Celerity.  Despite her parent’s country-hopping heroics, they all lived in Madison City so that their daughter could have as normal of a life as possible.   She came from a family of heroes, however, they worked to make sure she stayed grounded and could opt to live a normal life if she wanted.   Speed and Celerity could run off to any place on Earth fast enough for them to operate a rather normal home as Katie grew up.   Even so, she was tutored with other League of Seven children such as Telepath and Motherboard who she would stay friends with from then on.

When the League of Seven disbanded, Katie’s parents enrolled her in a public school as they continued to train her as a hero.   This gave her the chance to meet normal kids and have other friends, but she also could join her parents as their sidekick, Kid Quick.   Because of her status as a superhero, Kid Quick was popular in school although she made very few actual friends.   She didn’t mind, though, since her real life was as the sidekick to her parents saving people both in her city and far away.

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On April 19, 1994, Kid Quick and her parents were invited to the United Nations building as the Cold War came to an end.   While they were there a Unique, Kiloton, exploded killing almost everyone there.   Speed rushed his daughter to safety as Celerity tried to save as many people as she could.   She saved many but the radiation from the blast killed her in her husband’s arms.   Speed fell into depression because of her death and didn’t run for a year.   Kid Quick managed to help her father get back to his crime-fighting ways, and he became one of the most valuable heroes around.  


New Guard

SAFE room training
SAFE room training

Now that Speed was back on his feet, Kid Quick felt as if she may want to go in her own direction.   Her childhood friend Telepath provided her such direction.   Kid Quick was invited to join Telepath’s New Guard, a group of Uniques she was forming to protect Madison City in the wake of her parent’s death.   Kid Quick readily joined and immediately got along with most of her new teammates.   Despite her friendliness, the team was less cohesive in practice: the first attempt at training in Telepath’s SAFE room was a total disaster.

Despite this, the team decided to stay together and just learn past their difficulties.   When the team decided to take a break together and go bowling, they encounter their first real enemy: Annihilgator.   Kid Quick first got all the civilians to safety before diving in to the fray herself.   She helped take down the monster by using her liquid string to tie his jaw shut.   This first victory was followed by others as the New Guard started to gain media attention.   They managed to save a mall from a group of superteens attacking it, however the group got away.   These teens are later identified as the Goth Girls which included Idle, a man who could produce a slow field that Kid Quick did her best to avoid.

As they took a short break at a karaoke bar most of the team was kidnapped by these girls leaving only Singe and Kid Quick behind.   The two went on a search to find their missing teammates despite the fact that they were the youngest in the team.   Using Speed’s contacts they managed to find Jaquelyne Pryde who was secretly behind the Goth Girls.   They traced her to the facility that there teammates were being held at and broke in just as the others were breaking out.   Now that the team was reunited, they took on the girls despite their loss the first time.   Kid Quick helped to take down Shriek and single-handedly takes down Idle since his slowfield only brings her to normal speed as the team pulls out ahead.

Once the ordeal with the Goth Girls was over, the team took a break as Motherboard’s friends helped deck out their headquarters.   Even though the barbecue helped everyone relax, tensions still start to rise as Telepath and Quake start to fight about team registration.   Kid Quick, as a League of Seven child, was already registered as a superhero; however, Scout, one of her teammates she was especially close to, could not register because of his underground work with Ghost.   To remedy their impasse the team decided to go to Washington to try and get special permission from Countryman, a family friend of Telepath.

The couple's first kiss
The couple's first kiss

While they were there, the Taskforce, Countryman’s government-run team, tried to take over the presidency.   Kid Quick and Scout worked their way to the President to try to protect him from assassination in the name of freedom.   They both knew that it could be their last battle so the couple finally shared their first kiss.   On their way they fought Paul Revere, another speedster who Kid Quick fought alone, Agent 1, Archer and Manifest Destiny.   They saved the President just as Virtue helped reinforcements in to assist the team.   Because of their work, they were provident amnesty from registration and Scout stayed on the team.  After everything starts to settle, Scout finally tells Kid Quick his true name, meaning she is the only one on the team to know it.


Powers and Abilities

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Kid Quick is a speedster with the ability to run past the speed of sound (Mach 1).   Her top speed is unknown.   As she runs she creates a field of frictionless energy that protects her from forces and heat generated at such high a speed.   As she speeds up so does her reaction and reflex time as well as her perception.   She has also been trained by the League of Seven; however she was too young to have extensive training.


Personal Data

Height : 5’3”
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Auburn


Known Relatives : Robet Flynn (Speed, father), Eva Flynn (Celerity, mother, deceased), Mr. Velocity (grandfather, deceased)
Citizenship: U.S.A
Place of Birth: Madison City, Pennsylvania, U.S.A
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Licensed superhero
Education: Home-schooled until 10, then public schooling


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